Sunday, May 15, 2016

last salvo, this one's not across the bow but detaching it from the vessel's hindparts

Please visit the image URL for the ultimate irony.


--Harold Caidagh, whose aim was severance and not warning-shot.


Chet Redweld said...

I think the little idea needs more.

For example: what if you are a wise person, and a fool tries to correct you, but is using a mistaken rationale, or a poorly drawn conclusion from the facts+reasoning, and therefore the "correction" is not such, except in the fool's mind?

In that case, the wise person may have empathy for the fool's efforts -- if they were sincerely guided, that is, and not intended to mislead the wise person with a form of shrewd manipulation substituted in for actual "trying to be wise" efforts on the fool's part. But still the wise person's not going to appreciate the method.

The fool often relies on outward signs. For example: the fool thinks that if you say something insulting/denigrating, but say it politely, then it's not insulting/denigrating. The fool thinks that implications can be nasty as long as topicality shows neutrality.

Some religions and other social cliques endorse this "shrewdness" of the manipulative fool, and pretend that it's actually "wisdom" or "intelligence" when it's little more than a sociopathic, misanthropic hatred of one's fellow human.

Thus the wise person would not ever endorse this confusion of shrewdness and intelligence, nor equate manipulation of another with informing/helping another.

The wise person doesn't manipulate others and doesn't put any stock in shrewdness.

The fool, however, does the opposite.

Harold Caidagh said...

That's pretty good, Chet. Once again you show why you trounced GRH in that lawsuit.