Thursday, May 26, 2016

jughead yesterday, archie today, reggie tomorrow!

Toni Basil phoned in a suggestion that we UNSF'ers take a look at the parallels between Michael J. Smith's latest entry, and John MICHAEL Greer's latest.

We can see Mickey slipping persona in this awkward non-segue of styles:

To be fair to the students, they’re not the only ones who have redefined the purpose of a university education in a way that, for the sake of politeness, we’ll call “quirky.” Radical faculty members, who encourage this reenactment of their vanished youth as a political equivalent of M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy, are doing much the same thing. Then, of course, you’ve got corporations who think that universities are places where prospective employees go to pay for their own job training, university bureaucrats who bubble marketing-firm sewage about offering students the “university experience,” and so on through an entire galaxy of self-regarding and self-important cant. The one thing that finds no place among all these competing redefinitions is, predictably enough, learning.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog the need to devise new opportunities for learning, and in particular a new structure for adult education that isn’t subservient to the increasingly blatant political and financial interests of the academic industry. More broadly, the concept of learning has been a core theme of this blog since it began—partly because modern industrial society’s stunning inability to learn the lessons of repeated failure looms so large in public life today, partly because learning ways to make sense of the world and practical skills for dealing with the converging crises of our time ranks high on the to-do list for anyone who takes the future seriously. I think, therefore, that it’s time to move that discussion to center stage, and talk about learning and education in the context of the Long Descent.

Two entirely different writers, two completely different styles, but you think it's the same thing because "John MICHAEL Greer" has taken credit for what "Mike Flugennock" wrote in the first of the above two paragraphs.**

If Mr Greer actually had visitors, they would notice the swing between Jughead in the 1st paragraph and Archie in the 2d, and would notice the more glaring point of actual heat behind the words in 1st paragraph where Archie never, ever, ever uses heat and always uses obfuscating references back in time to some obscure Oswald Spengler or Baron von Munchausen paraphrase or made-up quote.

But there are no commenters at Archie's Treehouse. They're all Mickey, Mike, J. Mike, Mike J., Miguel, Michel -- meshuggenahs to a name.

Also, once again requiring close reading, but inside Archie's newest there's very strange copycatting of the "Platty" (as Chuck called him earlier) essay that Chuck discussed.

It's almost like the Mickeys are being as brazen as Harvard Law Prof Mark Tushnet

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, whose refusal to submit to Team Mikey-Wikey's Mandates some five years back might be said to explain all of this.  KFO NB: Never tell a leftist he's ignorant, but worse, never demonstrate that ignorance for all to see at the leftist's own Garage du Gauche.


** For the uninitiated, this blog has in the past discussed how "Mike Flugennock" and "Michael J. Smith" are the same person.  If we use the Simulated Beavers blog legend, "Nice Mike" is Dmitry Orlov, "Nasty Mike" is Michael J. Smith, and "Wicked Leftist not-quite-satire-ist Mike" is Mike Flugennock.  Continuing the legend, "Archie-on-the-mic, Mike" is John Michael Greer, "Fruity, Fluffy, Self-Deluded Expert of Nothing Who Wishes His First Name was Michel" is Tarzie (also BDR/Chalupa), and "Miguel, the Migrant Farm Worker who Organizes for the Union" is Michael Yates the travelog economeister.


Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...

There's no way I am the person originating all this. I don't often admit my weaknesses --wait, that's not exactly true, I NEVER admit my weaknesses or errors-- but in this case I will say, take a look at my writing at any of the BDR outlets and you will see, I have issues with spelling, syntax, word-choice, flow, meaning, and frequent use of symbolism that is either (a) meaningful to me alone but imagined to be cleverly peeling an onion, or (b) insightful only to pre-schoolers or the occasional slow kindergartener.

I'm a supporter of the SMBIVA Project, for sure. I even comment there as "owen paine" and "par4". But I'm not one of the Mike-rophones.

Have I reminded you lately that I WON AGAIN? I'm always winning against you. Even if you found some spine and got your lazy cracker reactionary self onto twitter, I would keep owning you. As would Tarzie, MJS, JMG, MF and every other member of the Frilly Blouse Brigade and Transgender Scouting Troop.


Paul Behrer said...

How much does it piss off those dwarves and midgets that the whole time, this blog has satirized them with more consistent insight and humor than they've mustered on a single occasion at their absolute apex?

A lot.

It pisses them off a lot.

The nerd discovering the KICK ME! sign on his back always is about 575% too far gone on the pissed-off, over-reacting, blamecasting projections of own flaws.

Yes, Seymour Myron Finkelstein, the placement of that sign while saying "Hey Seymour, great to see ya bud!" with a hearty backslap, that was a con game.

No, Seymour Myron Finkelstein, it's not anyone's fault but the two parties involved: you as wearer of the sign, and Biff Meathead as the jovial practical joker jock who put the sign on you.

No, Seymour Myron Finkelstein, my laughing at you getting kicked isn't the same as me putting the sign on you.

That's because while you may be spindly and scrawny and thus the sort of person whom others valiantly may be inclined to defend against the Biff Meatheads of the world, you also are stubborn and demanding and narrow-minded and inclined to order others around while hiding behind your parents' to-date expenditures of $75,000 in counseling fees resulting in Autism Spectrum Disorder shield against "bullying."

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chumpy Chalupa
gets off his dupa
and objects!
"I'm not a pupa
but instead a supa
Tee Wrecks!"

We observe
com-/du- plicity
with un-blue
and find we're
to the start
of the thread.

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Hey Karl, as to your footnote --

This entry from the UNSF archives

might do the best summary of the Mike Draco character who sits at the center of the proceedings with no work obligations in his week because his job requires nothing even though he complains about it, his home life requires nothing because Earthgirl takes care of things while Mike Draco complains about misogynist patriarchal mansplainers who expect their wife to be a slave.



H.M. Lohmann said...

Wait a minute.

I just did a quick google-ogle and found that draco has so many meanings.

Which one do you imply, Chuck?

Don't tell me -- you want me to think about it for myself, right?

Chet Redweld said...

Look at Hy getting up to speed, Chuck.

Well done.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Who, though, is "Tom Feeley"?

Look at the symbolisms there.

Tom = tomcat

Feeley = Huxley/BNW "feelie"? reference to the Haledon NJ band? distortion of "feline"?

Then the entries: cut-and-paste.

And the comments: just like Archie's place, same exact writer with numerous handles pretending at throngs of well-connected and organized people ready to begin the Real Revolution.

Maybe these apply?

Gosh. It's all so meta-, it must be substructure or infrastructure on the meta-narrative behind the pomo poetics-cum-watercolor.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

More har-de-har-har from the cavalcade:

Chah-wee Gayvus
Jacques Krogh-Barr III
Alex Paulzandry

none of whom are able to do anything with The Corrections.

What are The Corrections?

Not the sad attempt at being Gaddis, done by Franzen and functioning as a literary Sominex-Ipecac cocktail.

The Corrections are my comment which fixed Chah-wee's little gay fiasco of a post, or Krogh-Barr's misunderstading of carcinoma history in humans, or cancer etiology in humans, or organic chemistry, or genetics, or biochemistry.


Paul Behrer said...

And yet, you still wonder why these angry little pipsqueak "leftists" are so ...well... angry?

Be the flea, little busters.

Be the flea.

Harold Caidagh said...

Little busters?

Like Henery Hawk, imagining he's going to take Foghorn Leghorn to the butcher's?

Chicken Hawks?

or Chickenhawks, in their own vernacular?

Looks like Jacques and Chalupa and Chah-Wee and Alex, doesn't it?

Chet Redweld said...

I don't like to use the phrase deja vu but this is a little like the GRH problem's origins, lads.

Mind your Papas and Quebecs.

Paul Behrer said...

Did you say Quebec?

Harold Caidagh said...

It's like Ween is singing about Adam Kotsko, or something.

Paul Behrer said...

I can't vouch for this site's credibility, but here are today's top stories on Adam Crazypants, as dictated by the google-ogle and culling the links directly to his Crazypantedness himself:

Everyone who by acts and deeds is innocent, those acts & deeds DO NOT COUNT! You are guilty by complicity! Ask Chalupa!

Harold Caidagh said...

an und fur sich

Gosh what a polylinguist! I'll be sure to recommend everyone to Shimer and especially to Professor Crazypants's classes where they can witness his tendency to whip out his thimblepecker and rub it publicly, that's what all u-grads need in their lives!

Paul Behrer said...

Maybe mencius moldbug's "transformative" reading list came from Shimer's curriculum?

Harold Caidagh said...

Seems like Widdle Ad-dumb was very persuaded by Stan Goff's indictment of maleness for the problem of case-specific incidents of rape?

Or Corey Robin's conviction of Reactionaries for the problems experienced by immmature young Jewish men and women attending Diamond Merchants Junior College and studying under (as it were) the good Pontiff himself, Batman's Best Boy.

Paul Behrer said...

Lippy, the Lyin', sez har-de-har-har!

from Archie's:

I've struggled with the progress issue ever since college, when I graduated with a degree in biochemistry and decided not to pursue that career. My reason could be summed up with the antibiotics issue: the more you put energy into such supposed solutions, the more the bacteria will respond and render them useful at some point. Meanwhile, our natural immune systems have degraded. And then there's all the demands and effects of the technological suite (is that the term you use?) of producing antibiotics.

Please identify the college or university that awarded you a BS in Biochem while leaving you with such a poor understanding of biology. Could it be that you didn't have to learn anything about bacteria at this unique place where you earned your BS in Biochem?

"the more energy you put into" ... what? You must be saying "the more letters you put into a tail-chasing paragraph, the more clicks you can farm!"

The balloon keeps inflating. When's the whack?