Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'm pretty sure that if Rahm Emanuel and Mark Zuckerberg and Bernie Sanders held a joint press conference to announce that, thanks to facebook's pivotal status in domestic terrorist identification, The Progressives will round up, imprison, torture, rape, then kill everyone who either (a) didn't vote for Bernie in the primaries, (b) publicly stated skepticism about Bernie's authenticity and/or lack of Trojan Horse qualities, (c) actively supported a GOP candidate through campaign efforts, internet commentary, cocktail party/coffee shop chatter, or a primary vote,


there would be an eruption of cheers, along with foaming mouths, bulging eyes, endorphin rush in group fashion, and a rising bloodlust in the mind,


little Jeff Popovich would feel like his entire life of anxiety was finally validated.

Yeah, I wore TH shirts to GD concerts.  Forever hip.

No, I didn't realize that wearing a band shirt to a concert was childish.

My t-shirts prove my depth and taste as an artiste.

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