Tuesday, May 10, 2016

fixing the electrical outlet with a fork

Truly, it is shocking.

Yes, if you put a fork into an electrical outlet, you'll be shocked if the outlet is hot and you're holding the fork -- unless it's insulated at the holding end.

It's also completely surprising --synonym, shocking-- to learn that a shitbird like Bark Muckerzerg is trying to make sure everyone on bacefook is a soft-Marxist FEEL THE BERN cryptozio empathizer, by filtering content on bacefook.

Gotta love those manipulative Jews.  Gotta love them.

Gotta hate on "intolerant" Christer-Crackers so the Marxists can keep building mo-mo-mentum for the eventual Dictatorship of the Jewletariat.

--Harold Caidagh, who doesn't care what religion you want to follow unless you think everyone has to follow yours.

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