Tuesday, May 24, 2016

but don't they have fact checkers and peer vetting?

"Hey Chet, can I interrupt your music browsing and listening for a moment?"

"Sure, Hy.  What's up?"

"I've been trying to figure out how to explain why this blog always looks like it's written by someone from something like a Hitler Youth of America perspective, when its authors have no interest in demonizing any one particular school of thought, religion, social caste, or recreational pursuit."

"That may not be the best way to look at it, Hy.  I think there are some schools of thought that this blog's writers may not accept.  For example, the Ornate Writing ecole, I don't think anyone here endorses that, though the briefly tenured Mr Greenglen seemed strongly drawn in that manner."

"Okay, I see your point.  I guess also if we look at Chuck's roster entry on the right margin, he does list a whole lot of schools of thought, social castes and recreational pursuits that he has, does or will subject to parody, satire, ridicule, mockery, or teasing."


"So what would you suggest?"

"I think of it more as a values blog, as I said in the mega-thread.  And also, I think in order to begin trying to find the values requires reading most of the blog's entries, and seeing where the blog consistently picks on things, people, ideas or arguments.  Maybe from that, a view might begin to take shape."

"Most readers probably don't want to take the time."

"I agree.  What can you expect in the era of twitter's 140 character limitation and the manner in which people comment in that medium.  It's overwhelmingly passive-aggressive snark, which suggests that a given Tweeter's position is 'proved' or 'supported' only to the extent its snark registers as a WIN in the eyes and mind of the reader.  It's an echo chamber.  So imagine, a person whose sense of human social problems (NB: what "politics" supposedly aims to fix) is outlined and defined within or by 140 characters of WINNING snark.  Perhaps this is laudable in grades 5-7 and maybe for the immature, grades 5 through award of Bachelor's Degree, but no self-respecting adult should be playing on twitter."

"But how else are people going to connect for the purpose of identifying who agrees with them, politically speaking?"

"By meeting 'strangers' and talking to them, perhaps?"

"That requires me to consider strangers as people who don't intend to hurt me if I disagree with their politics, though."

"Why would you even consider that as a possibility?"

"News media.  They tell me that everyone's divided to the point of violence, and supposedly there are hundreds of angry anti-Semites and rednecks who want to not only kill Bernie Sanders but also kill his supporters."

"Where'd you hear or read that, Hy?"

"Like I said, on the news."

"Which news source?"

"The news, man.  You know.  The news."

"Hy.  Wait a minute.  Are you telling me that if you hear or read a news story, you automatically spin it up in your mind, creating a Worst Case Scenario as if the news story is true and indicates a fast-growing trend?"

"That's not what I said.  I saw it on the news somewhere."

"This is why you should pay attention to sources, Hy.  And also why you should realize that news sources are directed by editors who choose what story to run out of the thousands that could be run at that time.  Thousands is an understatement, too.  How does a news entity choose which stories it runs, and why does it choose them, Hy?  What do you think?"


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Howe Eye Doo Ditt, by Charles F. Oxtrot.

1. blogger stats sometimes offer curious data points, such as one referring URL being the following: https://www.typepad.com/secure/services/json-rpc

2. Not being a coder, I look up what is "json-rpc".

3. After a few primrose-lined paths to nowhere, I stumble upon the fact that JSON was created a a few people, including one person named Chip Morningstar. Cool his parents named him after a gambling token. Wonder if his full name is Platinum Chip Morningstar, foreshadowing the pivotal role of a special Pt Gambling Chip created by Mr House in Fallout:New Vegas.

4. The quickie, peed-on-ya! entry for Platty (my new nickname for him) suggests the curious should read an essay that Platty wrote, entitled How To Deconstruct Almost Anything.

5. Having never heard of Chip Morningstar, JSON, JSON-RPC, State Software, Douglas Crocker, or Robert F. Napiltonia before (3) above, I wonder what this Platty essay might be about.

6. I also note the curious name of the entity which funded the development of JSON, "Tesla Ventures."

7. I read the Platty essay from (4) above, which I found quickly here: http://www.fudco.com/chip/deconstr.html

8. I notice the parallel between this blog's original name and the subject of Platty's essay, and between this blog's long-term perspective, as sifted sorted condensed and explained by Chet: values. I notice, as the original author here, and the driver of the vehicle during its break-in period, that whatever aim toward values I had, I refined it by dissection of those who lie to you.

9. The dissection might be called "deconstruction," if I liked big words. I don't, but I named the blog constructive deconstruction since big words are the tool of the con artist.

10. Which the opening few paragraphs of Platty's essay showed.

11. I muse over whether someone left a bread crumb to tell me, or anyone else here, "hey, looks like you're copying Platty, where's the attribution?" as a snarky attempt at pointing out imagined hypocrisy.

12. Given that I haven't ever read Platty before today at about 6:45pm, never heard of him before (3) above at about 6:35pm, and don't know anything else about Platty, his co-workers on the JSON project, or anything from items (3) and (4) above, I must conclude that the snarky attempt at pinging us for hypocrisy is a dud, a blank, an arrow that fell apart mid-flight.

13. But I wonder about who's reading. Maybe I should talk to Chet about this.

Harold Caidagh said...

Racist Rolledsmug has fwends, Chuck.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Doogie Howser Crockford is with PayPal, the moneychanger/shylock program created by Misstuh Tessluh hissef, Healin' Muscovites.

Say Cletus, ya fink dets sumpin a doo wif Tessluh Venchuhs gittin' in thuh duckits 'n' moolah fer thet Stayt Soffweah thingamabob?

Howzbowt linky-loos atween thems JSON slickahs 'n' thet hole Lew-kiss / Speeela-birdz / Holly-wouldja-couldja-canneye?

Deet doot doodyloody deet det dah dah
Deet doot doodyloody deet det dah dah
deetdiddle-oodit, deetdiddle-oodit
doodle oodle oodle oodle oodleooodle-ah-det

or said differently -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D5Sa2Yq-2g

Harold Caidagh said...

I trust Reuters. Just look at who founded the enterprise and what he did with Iran!