Friday, May 13, 2016

brain exercises

The lads had fun yesterday with their little weir and diversion from the main stream of Mr Behrer's entry.  Several comments received (but not submitted for publication) expressed the notion that somehow this blog has become an outlet for a disturbing form of prejudice and bigotry, which should not be tolerated in 2016 given the tremendous social progress the world has witnessed thanks to Social Justice Warriors on the internet.


One of the more common phrases used by this blog's roster of past and present athletes is "as always," or "as usual."  The phrase gets a lot of play because one of the blog's aims is to look at various Social Justice Warrior outlets or persons and see how they are consistently (1) deluded rather than holistic or comprehensive, (2) mistaken on facts, or (3) confused regarding where the facts actually lead.

The blog also likes to point out commonalities of "style," as some might call it, used in communicating the Social Justice Warrior's argument.

Perhaps the most reliable theme you could tease out of this blog's history is this:  the athletes here love to play against opponents who talk a big game, but when on the field in actual competition display something akin to rookie status.  And not a gifted rookie, either.

This blog's athletes enjoy teaching the rookies.  Whatever method is required, the teaching happens.  Sometimes it's helpful and positive, when the rookie finally lets his ego wall crumble and admits he or she needs some guidance.

But most times, it's a little more like R. Lee Ermey playing a Marine Corps drill sergeant.  And this is because the rookie persists in Ego Ballooning even when rookie's on-field play shows that everyone watching and playing knows rookie's an un-coordinated nobody who knows nothing and can't play worth two feces.


As usual, the commenters who submitted their observations are deluded and wrong on the facts.

This blog holds no brief for any ideology, religious tenet/worldview, political party, social clique, or other team analog.

Nobody on the roster goes to religious services or reads a religion's manual or affiliated writings.  None of the athletes prays, or otherwise speaks to an occupant of the God Box.

There isn't a single person on the roster who belongs to a political party.  Not by voting record, not by self-directing affinity otherwise, and not by official membership either.  If you tallied the votes of all the roster's members, over their respective voting lives, you'd find an indeterminate party affinity.  No cognizable patterns exist.


Sometimes we see rookies in our sport who achieved relative notoriety in another.  For example:  former bike racers who think that this history of trying to go fast on a bike makes them great writers.

Or bicycle mechanics, "designers," "product managers," or other "industry" people who think that being "in the industry" means they know politics or governmental operations.  Or, when even more absurdly ridiculous, they think "industry" experience means they know what is "social justice" and who in American society should be silenced, punished, removed or killed.

Or engineers, who think that being an engineer means they know everything about everything.  This one's such a broad swath of the naive pitiful rookie class that I could type until my hands lock up when listing examples of this enginerdery on the internet and in real, earth-bound life.


Just because it's Hipsterama, Bro! to spew invective about Christians and "religion" in 2016 doesn't mean it's funny when you do it, rookie.  It sure doesn't show your intellect's grandiosity is replicated when we compare how you represent your intellect on the internet against what your little noggin actually can do in a test of logic and reasoning.


Enginerdery is somewhat logical, being ultimately an exercise in mathematics.  What's more logical than this ancient science of mathematics?

I can grant enginerds their regular use of logic when practicing the actual thing of engineering -- if they're not doing it all on a computer.  Otherwise said:  if they're actually using math themselves, and not using a computer to do the math.

Using logic to test various stresses on a structural design is one thing.

Using logic + reasoning to understand human society and tease out what are the fulcrums on which today's sociopolitical antipathies ride -- that's well beyond enginerdery, and being an enginerd has no bearing on this exercise.

At all.

Being a bike mechanic or shop owner or "industry" functionary doesn't teach you anything on the subject either.

Being a sponsored freeskier who has done a few comps doesn't inform you on it either.

Having raced World Cup DH doesn't make you wiser on political and social friction matters.

None of these things makes you a good writer.

And none of them makes you anything other than a rookie in the field where this blog and its roster of athletes play.

If you step onto this playing field, you need to understand how to play.

If you stand on the sidelines and see bigotry at play, you aren't understanding the game enough even to be a rookie in it.

Go back home, junior.

Go practice your logic, reasoning, reading comprehension, imaginative power.

Come back when you're not tied to some viewpoint so firmly and steadfastly that everything which runs counter to your viewpoint is WRONG or worse, indicative of insanity, obsession, lust, perversion, sociopathy, misanthropy, or some other category of mental infirmity or behavioral problem.


It's understandable given the above narrative that you, as a rookie, would copy the way this blog's athletes play.

Maybe you should be a bit more humble about where you learned how to play the game, if all you have done is read this blog's posts, get angry about them, but then turn around and copy this blog's communication style almost to a T, while saying that this blog is an insanity-laden outlet for dangerous bigoted reactionary views, or saying that this blog's athletes are obsessed with this SJW or that SJW.

Admit that the obsession is yours, and that you hope to be mistaken for holding the same capacities as any of this blog's athletes when you imitate their displays of skill.


Harold Caidagh said...

That's why I hired Chet when I got sued by GRH.

Annihilate then with logic and reasoning, Chet.

Humble them.

Fuckin' A. No wonder GRH got hammered.

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...











Paul Behrer said...

At least little Jeff Popovich tries to hide his copycatting behind a fractured form of poetry-ish-ness.



It's like he was 7, killed the neighbor's puppy, and admitted only that "something might have happened to that poor little guy, I haven't seen him around for a few days."

Chet Redweld said...

I wonder how much of this entry and the prior one by Paul will be plagiarized by the Arch-Druid over the next few weeks.

"Good young proto-druids, witness the prowess of my noggin! Here are more insights I can share as if my own. Trust in the notion that they originated with me, because I alone am the Arch-Druid, and I know more than everyone else. Even more than a reference librarian!"

Then, 225+ comments which tell the Arch-Druid that his entry was wise, perspicacious, sagacious, pithy, relevant, erudite, cognizable, meta-brilliant, and giving everyone a lot to unpack.

Chet Redweld said...

Here is another contextual observation related to a comment received not for publication.

"I'm wondering if anyone at this blog has a degree in counseling, psychology, or psychiatry. There's a lot of material that discusses such themes as ego, insecurity, projection. I'd be more inclined to read this blog if I could be assured that your viewpoints are backed by formal education and training, preferably from a respected university and/or medical school. Otherwise, it sounds like someone who pretends to know a lot about a subject without having the proper training and education."

I could write a longer explanation, but I think I'll let a portion of Doctor Houle-Eaton's diagnostic interview of Mr Caidagh provide the answers.


PBH: Mister Caidagh, are you a misogynist?

HC: Define misogynist for me.

PBH: One who hates women. One who doesn't respect women.

HC: This is funny. So your theories assume that I hate and disrespect women, eh?

PBH: Yes. My forensic dissection of your blog posts indicates that you are a homophobic bigot reactionary misogynist.

HC: And yet none of those important points is true.

PBH: Only because I forgot to add one more qualifier -- you are a liar.

HC: Really? I'm a liar? About what?

PBH: When you say you're not a misogynist you're lying. When you say you're not a homophobe you're lying. When you say you're not a reactionary you're lying. When you say you're not a bigot you're lying.

HC: I see. And how do you know this? You are somehow able to read my mind and learn my innermost thoughts?

PBH: Yes. That's what my 3 degrees prove. They prove I'm able to discern your most secret, embarrassing beliefs -- even the ones you're not aware of yourself.

HC: Really? I thought they proved only that you were able to pay for all the coursework necessary to satisfy an institution's recipe for degree issuance.

PBH: Oh no. I had to pass the courses, not just pay for them.

HC: So there was a high failure rate at each institution that granted a degree to you, in the same fields in which you earned your degrees?

PBH: I graduated in the top 25% of my class at every step of the way.

HC: I didn't really expect you to answer honestly.


If you need the context of this excerpt, you can go here:

Harold Caidagh said...

Chet, nobody asked you this ever on this blog. What did you study in college? For undergrad, I mean.

Chet Redweld said...


33 Bio majors at start of freshman year.

8 Bio majors at mid-point of sophomore year.

8 of us graduated.

It was a little rigorous. Every one of the 8 who applied to advanced studies got in, and into the school of their choosing too.

Some say it was harder than the first 2 years of med school.

But since it wasn't MIT I suppose it doesn't matter. And it especially doesn't matter because the school was affiliated with a religious entity, and we know that's reactionary cave-man thinking proved and/or conclusively established from the start.

Without a name-brand affiliation, institutional detachment from reactionary religious influence, or proven social cachet among the Highly Influential on Twitter set, the education could not possibly have been as thorough, extensive, useful or long-lasting as I seem to be pretending.

In contrast, Ron Bailey at understands a narrow subset of "economics," and therefore he's the authority on all matters of science.

Apparently I'm the pretender.

According to the spectators, that is. They did the statistical analysis and know what's what on paper.

Harold Caidagh said...

Does a BS in Biology translate to knowledge about human psychology and/or mental health, though, Chet. That's probably what the tumbleweeds are griping about. They might say, "you got halfway there, why didn't you get the PhD in Psychology, the LCSW certification, the Master in Social Work, or the MD with Psychiatry specialty? Doesn't that make you a pretender?"

They might have a point, from a tumbleweed's perspective at least.

Chet Redweld said...

That was the point of your response to Dr Houle-Eaton that I quoted, though, wasn't it, Hal? Though I suppose one has to make some inferential leaps to get there from your answer, and not everyone can hop that high or far.

If you can't jump, or can't jump far enough, who are you to judge the jumper who jumps further and higher?

"I don't see it, therefore it's not true" is not logical or rational. That's a matter of faith or belief demonstrated in that comment. Not one of facts & logic & reasoning.

The degree you earn is nothing. What you do with the information you were offered on the path to that parchment is the crux of all that happens on this playing field.

Did you memorize and regurgitate and earn a decent GPA through that mechanism, and maybe even a special CL, SCL, MCL addendum?

How about now, 10-15-20-25-more years after you finished your formal studies. What do you have accessible on recall and daily thought-generation usage? A bunch of black-letter-law lines in the sand, it's this or it's that, this is CORRECT and that is WRONG, et cetera?

Moving toward this end, one can see how the enginerds get so self-assured. There's a lot of this is CORRECT and that is WRONG in enginerdery. Not a lot of grey area. Not a lot of imagination at play, not a lot of interconnection of ideas. Color within the lines!

These rookies want to play a one-dimensional game.

Our playing field has 3 dimensions.

H.M. Lohmann said...

You gave Kevin Bazar a lot to copy here, Chet.

What I mean is, you said a lot to piss off the little midget and humble him in ways he's not likely to handle well, given his brittle ego and need to be the MTB Internet Funny Man Who Never Is Wrong. His "revenge" will be to copy and re-use your dark comic decapitations, presenting them as his own and beaming a smug midget grin when people tell him that he is funny.

Either that, or more photos suggesting pedophilia. Which is "funny," when you are a member of the idle rich. Trying to destroy someone else's employability is funny.

If you're a Jew.

I would know, as a former faithful Jew who rejected the bitter and negative worldview that my family raised me under.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

He'll just offer it under WAKIdesigns or norbar or one of the other among the 15 identities he uses when he's "just wasting time on the internet bro, don't take it so serious."

Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar said...

Listen, if I went to the trouble of:

1) finding out the name of the person who posts on TGR as _________
2) looking for internet data regarding that person
3) sorting through the numerous people who have the same name
4) identifying who is the person specifically
5) seeking a picture of that person
6) downloading a picture of that person
7) photoshopping some commentary on the photo suggesting pedophilia
8) posting that on an internet comment thread not as a shared joke but as an attack

I'm not obsessed or anything.

Joe "Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo" Hanrahan said...

My wife is Jewish and she gets offended when you say anything that is critical of Jews, Judaism or Israel. To preserve domestic harmony, I need to call you an anti-Semite and accuse you of bigotry, when in truth all you are doing is reflecting that bigotry you've seen from Jewish people who tear into Christians and their idiotic enslavement to a "religion," while somehow removing Judaism from "religion".

Listen, there's nothing wrong with Israel being a theocracy. We need to watch out for cracker Christians trying to make the USA into a Christian theocracy! Jews in America are the ones who will help get this done. Only Jews can see bigotry.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Oh I get it, Joe.

Jews are victims and they are blameless. They can't possibly be bigoted -- because they're Jews!

They can't possibly manipulate others by accusing a chosen demon of terrible "organizing" to make a "dangerous theocracy" in the USA while praising Israel's noble democratic demonstration of Total Domination in the Material and Money-Centric Aspects of Life.

Listen, Joe: if your wife displays none of these (perhaps exaggerated for emphasis) negative traits, then why would she be worked up about their use in teaching a satiric lesson?

Jews are not exceptional. They can be fucked up misanthropes or selfish denigrators and destroyers of everything in their path like ANYONE else from ANY OTHER religion, world-view or tribal ritual.

They certainly do not have the right to LIE about Christians or an alleged theocracy afoot in America and then claim "anti-Semitism" when someone attacks or eviscerates their lying statements.

Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar said...

Actually, we are the Chosen.

Suck on it, you idiot. Imma roost yo faisssss!

Chet Redweld said...

Kevin, we don't have an audience of 14 year old boys here, so trying to be Mr Funny Man in that original kidwoo style (juvenile, and directly keyed into your own early adolescent mind) isn't going to net you all that twink meat you have as projected yield.

Go back to ridemonkey and TGR and impress the other closeted gay men like Cory Blackwood and Wendell Stam and the rest of the "industry hotshots" with your nonsense.

And while you're at it, take care of those knuckles, they're bloody from being dragged on the pavement when you walk.

Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar said...

No, they're bloody from the ass-whupping I gave to reactionary Christian conservatard GOP whackfucks like you.

Paul Behrer said...

Walter Mitty

Chet Redweld said...

Don't be the dog. Be the flea!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Hi Chet, just a passing thought here:

And it especially doesn't matter because the school was affiliated with a religious entity, and we know that's reactionary cave-man thinking proved and/or conclusively established from the start.

Yes, unless the religious entity is one within Judaism and it's a Jewish institution. In that case it's the opposite of cave-man, reactionary thinking. It's progress embodied.

See, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with Judaism exerting an influence in American culture, but when Christianity or other religion, world-view or tribal affinity does it?




Harold Caidagh said...

Sounds to me like Jews don't like competition of the fair-and-square variety, Chuck.

Probably that's because "fair" is a reactionary construct in the Jewish worldview. Judaism is post-fairness, thanks to Chosenness. Want to know what's fair? Ask a Jew. Nobody else has a perspective worth hearing. Nobody else was Chosen by Yahweh to lead the planet to Eternal Paradise.

Of course, when you ask a Jew what's fair, it will always, always, always depend on the situation, and who has most to gain from whatever perspective or action is conceivable.

There's a reason "Talmudic scholar" is not an appellation of respect.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Well, yeah. Talmudic scholar = pharisee.

Paul Behrer said...

Sounds like you're describing Noam Chomsky, Karl.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Sounds like you're describing Noam Chomsky, Karl.

Exactly. Or Corey Robin, Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Greenwald, or anyone else commenting from the Lefte Banke sidelines of this playing field. Chalupa, Jakey-Wakey, Boring Freddy, etc. Oh my. Such finery!

Chet Redweld said...

At the risk of reductio ad absurdum --

The more fragile the self-concept, the greater the need to dominate others.

Harold Caidagh said...


And that's why you hammered GRH, Chet.

Jacques Krogh-Barr, III said...

Looks to me like you're establishing domination through this blog and you look pretty insecure yourself, "Chet Redweld" or whatever you call yourself these days.

Chet Redweld said...

As usual.

The corvid didn't read.

Here's your help, corvid pretender:

Jacques Krogh-Barr, III said...

"Redweld," or whatever you are calling yourself this week, you are so stupid you failed to see that I commented on that post you linked.

Chet Redweld said...

Actually, the fact that you commented there while not getting the point, that's why I linked to it.

Jacques Krogh-Barr, III said...

I got the point. You're a reactionary misogynist who rapes women, and you show that by virtue of your position on abortion. In this month's posts you show you're an anti-Semite and Christer-Cracker. You're just an all-around nightmare of prejudice and bigotry. Maybe that's why this Kevin Bazar character is so obsessed with you, because he wants to eliminate that prejudice and bigotry coming from your corner of the internet. I must say I support those efforts. I've had to spend many hours comforting my own wife for reasons just like what Mr Hanrahan posted up earlier in the thread. All because you and this pathetic blog are just a constant flow of reactionary prejudice and bigoted narrow-minded mindfucks designed to make people think the reactionary view makes more sense than the progressive, socialist-communist-collective view. You don't even realize that the problem is competition. Good, noble and pure humans never compete -- on anything. About anything.

Take me, for example. I've never competed against you, and so I can't possibly be the "loser" you try to peg me as being. And this "playing field" you keep talking about, I've been the referee for over 4 decades. You could learn a thing or three-thousand from me. And here you are, acting like you're the professional and everyone else a numbskull rookie.

Do I have to remind you about my exemplary track record in academics and the business world? Do I need to remind you of how many writers use a style like my own? The Arch-Druid. The SMBIVA gang. Corey Robin. Sometimes even Noam Chomsky gets in on the act and imitates me. And then there's Karl Marx, who somehow knew that 140+ years later, I would arrive on the planet to discuss the essential quality of communal perspectives and the need to identify, round-up and kill reactionary thinkers like you.


Paul Behrer said...

Second coming of Walter Mitty.

Harold Caidagh said...

Pun intended, Pablo?