Friday, May 20, 2016

apparently there's some problem with email

Otherwise, why not just email Lou and ask him?

Lindahl May 20th, 2016 9:20 am

Unrelated to this post, but looking for any recent beta on Landry’s exit conditions. Contemplating it for Sunday.

Or any other industry insider who might know? They probably have broken email too. Besides, how can you get your e-rep buffed if the objective isn't stated on Lou's blog?

--Paul Behrer, who thinks counseling or other confidential discussion may help Mr Lindahl with his overblown ego compensating for huge self-doubt.


Paul Behrer said...

He's not gonna rest until he gets a Focus Piece at TGR or blister, dedicated to the true lone hyperborean stature and status of one Brian Lindahl.


Must wonder why, of all people to emulate at TGR, Brian chose Wendell Stam.

Harold Caidagh said...

Jonny Smellsworst would happily comply. With a lisp and a terminal rising pitch in the video interview. So metro!

"So, ummmmmm... Brian, dude, bro-brah, compadre, would you like your espresso with a little ley-munn tweeest?"

Harold Caidagh said...

"Always. And can we take your Gulfstream to Portillo in August?"

replies Brian Lindahl, ever eager to rise in station when in public view.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Looks like Hal should have written this entry, Pablo.

Chet Redweld said...

They seem to be doing pretty well as a conversation, Karl.

Paul Behrer said...

"I'll fly the whole trip on the wing if you mount some of Hermann Maier's old race stock DH clamps to my DIN sole length. I won't even wear a helmet, I caught bigger air back when I was 2-and-a-half years old on my 3d day on skis."

suggested the world's most invisible and under-rated Extreme Ski God, Brian Lindahl, face ready for pulverizing by birds, atmospheric debris, hailstones and other inconsequential gnat-like not-a-problems.

Harold Caidagh said...

Maybe that should be the title of his Focus Piece at TGR and blister:

The Wing-Walker
by Ryan Dunfee and Jonathan Ellsworth

Unless your great-grandparents are still alive, you've probably never heard of the barnstorming era of stunt pilots and aeronautical rodeo clowns. But thanks to Brian Lindahl, that's all about to change.

et cetera

Paul Behrer said...

You can just see Spindrift E. Weasel only barely containing his excitement on the sidelines at EpicSki, eh Hal? Somehow, in his world, The Wing-Walker will be simultaneously progressing the sport, growing the industry, destroying the patriarchy, promoting women's rights, promoting pansexuality, and protecting and growing the unfortunately-tiny-now-but-sure-to-dominate-by-November-2016 minority caste of Bonobo Humans.

Harold Caidagh said...

"Cameo" in the Focus Piece of kidwoo flying past The Wing-Walker on his flying carpet, Wootest 2.0 skis a-framed on his midget back.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

You want to talk about an e-bubble, this sounds like the soapy ring is ready for a puff of wind.

Paul Behrer said...

Watch out, Hal. He gonna rooost yo faisssssss!

Harold Caidagh said...

I'd be more worried about his roofies splashed into the teenagers' beers/wine coolers.

Paul Behrer said...

Midget gonna midge.

Midge is related to flea in zoology, eh Hal?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Hal, you sound progressive there, with that worry on behalf of others. The little man isn't going to roofie you.

Harold Caidagh said...

Midge is related to flea in zoology, eh Hal?

I think so, we could ask Chet. I'm pretty sure canids aren't among the insects.

Paul Behrer said...

"Cameo" in the Focus Piece of kidwoo flying past The Wing-Walker on his flying carpet, Wootest 2.0 skis a-framed on his midget back.

It's the praxis! Karl Marx was a prophet!

Limo liberals, don't you just love them?

We're not all in Hollywood or on Wall Street.

Trump's an idiot, I'm a genius for seeing that, GO SANDERS, FEEL THE BERN 2016!

Harold Caidagh said...

Reframe for reality's sake:

It's the praxis! Karl Marx = profit!

Harold Caidagh said...

3x as cynical, 3x as bitter, 3x the adjusted gross income

always beats

cynical, bitter and poor

if you fucked over some goyim in the bargain, l'chaim! mazel tov!

Harold Caidagh said...

So let's see:

1) enter blogosphere attacking Democrats as too conservative but still caring more than the evil repugnicans (size 16 deer hair caddis on 6x tippet and 4x line/rod on the Gunpowder Falls midsummer late afternoon caddis hatch when even the 12" rainbows are drawing arcs in the suprasurface air with their bodies)

2) progressives begin reading and commenting (it's a take)

3) attack Progressives as fakes who care only about social image and yuppie privileges (set the hook)

4) get called reactionary, racist, luddite repthuglican (reeled in, thunked on knee)

5) demonstrate the limitations of the fuzzy socialist amorphous communist authoritarian and narrow stance playing around on the internet under "leftist" and "socialist" and "marxist" pseudo-intellectuals gathered for echo repeater verification (evisceration and fillet)

6) get called homophobic reactionary cis-het-patriarchist misogynist who is corporate (pan sear on campfire next to mountain stream where all the locals are REACTIONARY TEATARD SICKFUCK REDNECK BACKWARD CHRISTIANS WHO WANT A THEOCRACY)

7) accurately defend self with facts and logic (...because, vs emotional overreaction, it's always a win!) and walk away from pretentious, sheltered ignorant plaintiff accusers with more than a case-based victory (damn, that trout is tasty)

After tasting that product of a solid flycast outing, I think I may wet my line again.

Paul Behrer said...

Lots of Progressives in the Lake Tahoe area, the Jackson Hole area (that does include Driggs, fake-earthy closeted gay man Wendell Stam, yes it does), the SLC area even (Jews mocking Mormons mercilessly, even sending Krakauer on mission to expose the "theocracy and insanity" of Mormons who gathered in the state of their own accord to have their own way of living just like the Russian Jews who have stolen Palestine to create Israel through the force of other Nations and their financiers who often, coinky-dinky-ally, are Russian Jews themselves.

The goyim-as-cattle plan is not going according to plan, and that's why Professor Mark Tushnet of Harvard Law School would say such a moronic thing about Christians being Nazis. The Russian Jews who'd pushed and shoved their way into Germany made a deal with Adolf, and if you think that's untrue because you were a student in Montgomery County MD public schools in the 70s and you too learned that The Holocaust is the worst tragedy ever suffered by humans anywhere since humanity first was put on Earth either by Yahweh or a Big Bang but not, certainly not ever, by God.

Of course this all sounds like fractured psyche talk.

But it also sounds a lot like how I hear "progressives" talk about Christianity, and I include in the guilty many of my friends in realworld, as well as about 97.5% of the internet's content generators who position themselves, somehow, as something or anything but

no commitment to a party

Somehow, these people who 15 years ago never talked politics and never talked a word about theocracies or rabid psychotic Christian fundamentalists, they've become convinced that it's Christians who are secretly taking over American society and government and business. Not nominal Christians, but kooky snake-handlers and warped primitives who speak in tongues and writhe on the ground like they're possessed by some external force.

Harold Caidagh said...


The Mo-Mos are idiots, but the Israelis, they're badass!

Paul Behrer said...

Superman is a tale not unlike what that guy from Nazareth used to use.

"Kryptonite" = Christianity in the Superman universe.

You probably didn't know this because you don't really get the Russian Jew outlook.

Harold Caidagh said...

Always accuse your obstacle/adversary of the very thing you wish to do yourself.

This is the Russian Jew mindset.

Blame the other, get lots of people rallied around the other-blaming, then when it eventually appears you were the real culprit, the emotional high water mark is long past and people actually are tired of hearing about it all the time.

Gee, why would that be useful in infotainment media? Maybe to hide something...?

Paul Behrer said...

kidwoo is the embodiment of the Charles Atlas legend

little pipsqueek on the Florida beach embarrassed by his pip-squeek-iness, feels like everyone's kicking sand in his face when it's just his paranoia imagining that

moves to Tahoe, becomes Badass Mountain Midget on the Internet, acts like nobody's at his level in anything, doesn't really show up in the history of DH racing despite telling everyone who challenges him that they're slow, stupid, and likely to get roost in their "faissssssss!"

which is a projection of the sand kicked "toward" him when he was a Florida pipsqueek

because he's still a Florida pipsqueek in his mind, despite the internet bravado

like most good Tribals, he wants The Myth of kidwoo to be more important than The Real Life Doings of Kevin Bazar, and when the Myth is threatened, he over-responds and doesn't admit he was wrong nor apologize because that's too ego-threatening, it's even tougher for him than it was for Henry Winkler to play a TOUGH GUY who couldn't say the word "wrong."