Tuesday, April 19, 2016

we baaad-athhhh. we pwogWESSSive.

The "industry insiders" of ridemonkey:

Sandwich said:

I'd be more worried about the e-tard bumping into a hiker, who just happens to go to the same right winger church as his local congressman, and having MTB access to the land curtailed.

By the way, fuck horses.

Exactly this sentiment. The trail Connects directly with Multnomah Falls and the hike-only access trails. Two million people visit it each year making it the most visited recreation site in the PNW.

And yeah, fuck people riding horses. The only legal multi-access trails here are covered in horse (and dog) shit, and it's Giardia season.

These are the same dipshits who talk about someone being a "great ambassador for the sport" and who get excited when they see "growth" in "the sport."

And always, they find a way to express their brilliant omniscient wisdom in terms which are stoutly progressive and stridently anti-everyone-who-isn't-a-progressive.

They know dressage and steeplechase and fox hunt riders, and think that's the whole of horse people. They encounter snooty country club people on horses with jodhpurs and a riding crop and one of those dorky helmets, sneering down his/her nose at the cyclist on MTB, and think that is who closed the Boulder-White Clouds in Idaho.

What morons. They know nothing politically, nothing interpersonally, nothing in the realm of what constitutes the full breadth of human perspective.


The horse people you encounter in places like the Boulder-White Clouds or the Bitterroots are more likely to be people who have ridden horses on rugged western rocky cliffy rutty irregular trails for decades, whose parents did likewise.

In my experience, if you have a bad interaction with any of them, you brought that to the mix.  I've encountered them plenty of times and never had a negative interaction.

In contrast, snooty yuppies who are on foot, generally in expensive footwear of the marathon trail runner type and likely seen on Kilian Jornet's feet, or a rugged approach shoe approved by the REI sales person for their first real western "hike," commonly will try to tell you that you don't belong in the hills on the trails on such a horrible machine which creates ruts and scares animals.

That's been my experience.

Looking at horse people for why we have trail closures to MTBs in the west is idiocy, and reveals a gentrifying urban progressive perspective. 

I'm feeling your Bern, SandyAndy and BoneyMoronie.  But to continue using that stupid metaphor but modifying it for my own purposes:  you're the ones who've burnt all your fuel well in advance of the long winter. 

Can't get wood from a reactionary's logpile or cut down a tree on a reactionary's land, since you told them to fuck off. 

Hate them like an enemy, don't know them as neighbors.

Yep, it's them.


This is why 99% of the time, Fred Armisen isn't funny in Portlandia.  He's too much a hipster himself.  He's not mocking himself in the skits though.  He's just acting like it's someone else who's an insufferable hipster.


Fred Armisen argues progressive points when he talks politics.  And makes money with lousy insufferably self-impressed "comedy" skits -- cynically, negatively, destructively toward his fellow person.

Is he just doing that Marxist in-fighting thing?

Is that what the Portland OR - Boston MA contingent from ridemonkey are doing too?


I'd guess Armisen and the ridemonkey Pride of Progressives might try to backpedal with a claim that they're just doing The Aristocrats, and I'm too square/reactionary to see the subtle comedy in their refined rhetorical displays.

They'd soldier on, not realizing such a move just reinforces their one-sidedness, their smugness, their ultimately self-destructive hubris.


Chet Redweld said...

As of 10:15 AM EDT/7:15 AM PDT, the Sandwich comment quoted by MmmmBones held this community public vote record:

Winner x 3 Like x 2 Useful x 1

and that's in a community that doesn't often speak with such votes. Look for yourself around that forum and its threads, it's the rare comment that gets Zuckbuck-esque "likes" etc.

What does that community see when it looks in the mirror?

Harold Caidagh said...

It sees Fred Armisen as a person (if male, or if female: Carrie Brownstein), as a public figure of entertainment-world repute. As a clique-identity ideal, it also sees ____________________ (insert name of male athlete in gravity MTB discipline, preferably one with mythical status) as an ongoing operative reality, especially when riding a bike or when thinking or talking about self riding a bike.

It's a little like the guy you knew in HS, maybe the QB who was idolized by many in your school, who now changes mufflers at the local Meineke.

Chet Redweld said...

But it's not the fact of working at Meineke, or doing car repair work in itself, which makes that guy such a notable or maybe tragic figure, is it Hal?

I know you read Mike Rose's book, Hal. There's something else to that example, isn't there?

Harold Caidagh said...

Meineke muffler guy himself may not care at all that a proudly progressive Prius driver comes in for a new muffler with a dismissive, "you're my serf, and don't leave any cigarette ash or butts in my car after you're done -- in fact, don't even think about smoking around my car when you work on it, I have allergies" in place of "hi, how's it going today?"

He's just there turning wrenches and pulling mufflers, getting through the day, wondering why Prius guy is so uptight.