Monday, March 14, 2016

the reason people died at 35 some 500 yrs ago was because they ate what existed, rather than what was modified by "scientists"

Wahn Baiwee continues rubbing his rooster online, still eager to merge with a computer and live forever like someone from a shitty Robert Sawyer scifi "novel."

It's sad, isn't it, when someone believes himself a science professor on the basis of what he has learned from aggressive new bioproducts entrepreneurs?  Real science is what money chases, not what is.  Nothing outside what makes a profit is real.  If you grow an edible plant from a seed placed in soil and given water & light, and do not tamper with the seed nor the growing plant in any way, are you risking your Eternal Life if you commence to eating that plant's produce rather than waiting for Monsanto to "improve upon" the plant by making it produce uniform fruits which may not taste like much but look like they belong in Ruth's Chris advertisements sitting comfortably next to a thick slab of 100% USDA Prime bovine muscle tissue?

How artificial is Wahn's actual life?  When he thinks of having sex, is it with a robotic penis inserted into a robotic _________ (gosh, maybe he's a gay futurist, better not say "vagina" here), controlled through a vector which manages and monitors the Wahn Baiwee avatar's holographic body and all of its lightshow parts?

--Harold Caidagh, still waiting to learn what the Silent T "science editor" knows about that topic on which he's the editor.

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