Sunday, March 13, 2016

slowest falling dominos ever

Remember those glycerine/water/food color things people used to make, slow-motion oceans?  I knew people who had them in lucite rectangular boxes, on little tilting platforms.  I'm pretty sure there was a commercial mini-boom in these things during the early-mid 70s at places like Spencer's Gifts etc.

Everything moved slowly within, like the name suggested.


Dominos usually fall pretty steadily & quickly once a domino pattern has been set in motion with the first little tipping.

But apparently there's a way to slow-motion-ocean the domino pattern.

I think this guy must have serious paint-by-numbers skills, the kind that let him follow domino pattern directions/blueprints accurately.  I'd bet that on those old blacken-the-oval exam answer sheets, his were always perfectly oval, perfectly filled in to consistent shade.

A kind of military respect for the chain of command helps one make such patterns picture-perfect, I suppose.

--Paul Behrer, thinking this sort of thing is irrelevant to those who need everything brand new -- right now, and 5 seconds from now, too.

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