Wednesday, March 9, 2016

oh canada! ...again

The first time I ventured north of the border for MTB riding, I was impressed by the general ruggedness of the terrain, the trails in that landscape, and the people riding them.  Nervous Nellies they definitely were not.

Sadly, as goes America, so goes Canada -- despite the many attempts at building and preserving a myth of superior progressiveness in Canadian culture -- and thus, in the intervening years, Canadians have become a bunch of Lion Country Safari/Walt Disney/Thomas Kincaid trifocalists.

They have done this even though below the border, down here in Post Nynah Leaven world, there were ginned-up reasons for the wussification:  terrrrrrisssssss!  Be afwayd NOW of the eeeeeeevul terrrrissssss!


Canadians, did planes fly into Toronto, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver buildings and did your PM tell you it was that event that should make you fear everyday life and begin suspecting your neighbors of domestic terrorist sympathy and/or treasonous imaginings?

What explains your wussification during the time elapsed since the ninth month of two thousand one?

You were once known for your rugged trails, now you are known for "flow trails" that "make the sport more accessible."

You would once build the craziest things, no fear of liability exposures for yourself, and for good reason -- your riders did not automatically think their falls and injuries were the fault of anyone but themselves.

You had no problems with "if you can't ride it, walk it until you have raised your game."

What happened?


This happened.

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