Sunday, March 13, 2016

no game should require you to actually involve yourself in the action

That's what I thought was the outlook of the people who designed L.A. Noire, and now I can say it applies equally to Max Payne 3.

I think the folks who made the original Max Payne and its follow-up would/should be confused as to how this 3d version resembles the first two. The central character's name and background are the same, the voice actor the same, but otherwise he's not the same guy and his aim has grown so much worse that successive headshots merely annoy the enemy like a gnat's buzzing. That's locked headshots I'm talking about, reticle center noggin, should cause a pumpkin blast but instead it causes the enemy to improve his aim and kill you with one shot while you've already pasted his cranium with what should Swiss cheese that topknot but instead leaves it untouched.

Then there's the way WORDS keep FLASHING on the screen to remind you that a PLOT is supposedly developing in 3 word BITES FLASHING ON THE SCREEN.

Is that what their focus group of 13 year old children told them would keep them glued to the controller?

Playing Rockstar games is like "reading" a book on tape/CD/.mp3.

Seems to me this game was all about Rockstar's project group leads taking a sex vacation in Rio de Janeiro, and writing it off as "research" for the game.


Chet Redweld said...

Definitely I'd agree with reviewer moifoi on metacritic:

This game is 80% cutscenes, 10% will to play, and 10% gameplay, and 100% crap story. This game was the fall of rockstar. Graphics don't make a game, stick the gameplay.

Also, regarding the graphics that some might say "make the game," I agree with reviewer StarlessBB at metacritic:

...this game is visually offensive. During every cutscene (and during some gameplay) there are these blue scanlines that keep flashing on the screen and stupid popup words. All sorts of visually awful things....

though "awful" is not a word I use, I'd use something more forceful. But generally it's thoughtful of these two reviewers to save me from typing more.

Chet Redweld said...

At least it cost only $10. And I can quit playing since season 2 of Bosch is now up on SWPL-Hated AmazonPrime.

Chet Redweld said...

"Figures you use Amazon, that's like shopping at Wal*Mart or driving a rollin' coal big diesel pickup truck," says the white knight protecting the less wealthy by putting them down since they're white and don't drive a Prius and don't eat kale & quinoa and may in fact have considered voting for Cruz or Trump or some other elephant.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Yeah, if the poor people would just eat expensive organic food, sell their existing vehicle to get a Prius, and vote Democrat then America wouldn't have a homeless problem! Also they should move into eco-sensible housing with solar and a composting toilet. And for progress's sake, give up those guns, you can't really believe that you can eat venison all winter? That's Bambi you're eating!

Chet Redweld said...

According to my e-receipt it was only $5 and not $10, so less than a 6 pack. The Silent T would badger me for my poor economic sense and heckle me about $5 for a game that was probably $45-55 when new. "At that price you can't complain," say the armchair economists. "Go create your own game if it's that bad," eh Silent T'ers?