Saturday, March 19, 2016

kudos, jonny e

It's brilliant, getting the internet's biggest ego to review skis for you.  Nobody skis as well, hucks as huge/often, amazes the ladies as consistently, or uses bragging on the internet to recover from a messy divorce as handily as Brian Lindahl, who is so badass that nobody can make a ski burly enough for his ubermensch self.

I'd say Lindahl is the Donald Trump of skiing, but that's really a dim comparison, since Trump actually might become POTUS, whereas little Briney-o'-the-Creep can't show a similar popularity behind him.  Though I'm sure in an Ego War, it could be fought down to the very last breath drawn from each oversized cranium.

--Harold Caidagh, who never tries to prove his own chops by telling us what his parents did

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Chet Redweld said...

Personally, I think Lindahl is perfect for blister: all ego, all image, all wordiness hiding actual insight.

His discussion of ski stuff reminds me of the kind of White Lab Coat crap-ola that Nigel West Dickens buys off the marketeers of bioproducts. "See the finite discussion of irrelevancies, which I discuss with immense gravitas thereby signifying my expertise which, to be frank, is many many layers above your own, dear blister reader and image emulator. Repeat what I say here at blister, and you too can impress insecure trustafarians and newly-minted Mountain Lifestylers who moved to Boulder from St Louis."

We should believe he's a wizard because of his parents' background? I really, really don't think so. I've known geniuses who came from dirt-eater backgrounds, and losers who came from Genius Couple parents. I've known people who had 1 or both parents display great athletic talent in their youth, but who themselves could not walk and chew gum simultaneously.

But since blister is about image, and seeming like you're a true Mountain Lifestyle Badass because you are on a blister-approved ski or boot, Lindahl's a perfect choice. Nobody oversells himself like Brian Lindahl.