Tuesday, March 15, 2016

it's all about Elmer Fudd and his dweems of pwogwess in wabbit hunting

Dr. Jill Stein ‏@DrJillStein

You don't have to go that far back, the DNC installed a kill switch to prevent true progressives after McGovern got the nomination in '72.

True progressives, eh?

Let us pause to reflect upon the essential quality of being true to progress.  That, literally, would be our True Progressive.

Presently America is regressive and reactionary, a cis-het-patriarchal hegemonic exercise in backward time-travel, right?  The very opposite of progress, right?

If so -- what then is progress?  What would be Jill Stein's definition of progress?  How different is it from Marxkopf Sandinista's definition or understanding?


Is the True Progressive anything like a Foursquare Pentecostal Christian?

or like an Orthodox Jew?

What, exactly, is a "true progressive"? Is it this?

Is it someone who listens to NPR, watches PBS, believes in the Prius and in genetic engineering to prevent people from being anything less than perfect in appearance and corporal health?

Is it someone who thinks the Donkey Squad should make Central Authority bigger and more powerful, to render ease of correction efforts aimed toward non-progressives, to make it simpler to homogenize everyone as a True Progressive?


Jill Stein is that person who tries the 60% Vanilla, 40% Chocolate "vanilla" and claims it's the most vanilla-y vanilla ever concocted.  That 10% difference from even-steven chocanilla/vanocolate, she's divining the importance there?

I'm gonna re-tweet this now, re-blog it at Corrente, and write a poem on graph paper dollied with tempera stains to drive the point home.

America's main problem:  "fake progressives" pushing "fake progress."

Support Jill Stein for REAL progresss!

Also -- please!  Support Chalupa the Sociopolitical Uberlord and Supragenius for his pithy wise insights on American political wrangling.

He had his Obamapostasy, so you know he's the Ultimate Seer.

--Hawuld Caidagh, whose experience in hunting and fishing probably exceeds Dr Stein's by orders of magnitude


Paul Behrer said...

Political party game:

Who's the greater reactionary?

Chris Floyd, who thinks JFK was the last true Democrat?


Jill Stein, who thinks McGovern was?

They'd both agree that no Democrat has been a progressive since at least the Vietnam War era.

Would Woody Wilson be the only True Progressive?

Been a long time since the Wilson Administration held the fort at 1600 Penna Ave. Have we been moving backward ever since?

But...but...but... we are in the Information Age, where Big Data is changing the way we understand reality! Surely that's progress!

And we have gene splicing and cloning! Obvious progress!

The Tesla! How can you say Elon Musk isn't a True Progressive, Doctor Jill?

Uber/Lyft! We have destroyed the cornered market held by cabbies, who are known to be capitalist robber barons when compared to medical doctors!

Why, it would seem we just progress by the moment, Jilly! What's wrong with you?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chalupa's insights: stellar, truly. Gaseous clouds that reflect and refract light!

"I retweeted a derisive put-down by Jill Stein, which proves my political acumen. Her original tweet was passive-aggressive, sure -- no identified culprits, just a broadband accusation and blame-blunderbuss -- but she's not corporate. She says so, and I believe her. I believe her just like I believed the Ds were intellectually superior and more moral/ethical than the Rs. It's a lot like how, since I like all the vanguard purveyors of ugly art, I'm aesthetically and intellectually and artistically superior to those who don't appreciate such ugliness. Don't be a dick, don't punch down. Didn't you notice my Obamapostasy yet?"

...said Chalupa, reminding himself of his brilliance and his essential quality as the internet's true practitioner of the scry.

Paul Behrer said...

Karlos, I thought it was more like this:

"I clamor for Kind, I demand that others supply Kind, I insist Kind is the engine of the world's progress -- I do indeed! Meanwhile I do nothing but kvetch (when I'm calm) and rage with a beet-colored face (the other 95% of the time) about how stupid everyone is except me, and those few who believe and think the very same things I do. Now, I'm no narcissist or anything, but why don't the rest of humanity agree with me?"

C.F. Oxtrot said...

Chalupa revived Beaverland, growin' pain, Sprytel J Chimchim, Al Paulzandry, chompingzinc, and blister farley peeaitchdee.

This proves he's smarter than us and shows how he keeps trolling and rickrolling this blog's writers.

It's the kapshow, dontchanoe.

Harold Caidagh said...

For the lone wanderer who stumbles upon this post and thread, it may help to look back at where I first mentioned the even-steven 50choc/50van concept, and applied it to American sociopolitical manipulation:


Scroll down to the last 1/4 of that interview excerpt for further something-or-other.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Helpful, Hal -- but the history really involves Chalupa's smug superiority mixed with immense insecurity issues, and how he confuses I know who are the real experts (because of books read, TED lectures viewed, or NPR programs heard) with Why does my beautiful mistress continually cheat on me, and what does that say about me and my pretense at worldly wisdom?

Paul Behrer said...

I can just hear Chalupa now:

I've eaten every morsel put in front of me by Donkophiles Socialists Communists Progressives and Liberals, but can't for the life of me figure out why I'm so fat now, and why that fatness inhibits my intellectual nimbleness. They're reliable, they're published/broadcast by reputable sources, and I've never learned how to discern reliability, honesty, or objectivity from sheer fraud. But KAYFABE! is one of my mantras regardless.

Chet Redweld said...

Fat in the head, fat in the body.

Don't be the dog.
Be the flea.