Tuesday, March 8, 2016

having run out of ways to praise Bernie Sanders, our Mr Gillespie finds himself aimless

Silent T, via Nick Gillespie:

[P]ro-wrestling legend [Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea)] comes across as something of a mental patient, claiming that he is constantly engaging in elaborate identity switches between the "character" Hogan and the private citizen Bollea—and that the press should respect his privacy whenever he feels like it.

You mean like when the Silent T writers adopt fake personae to comment after their own essay at the Silent T?

Or when they maintain numerous sock puppets around the internet, to provoke, taunt, denigrate or put down others who don't share the puppeteer's peculiar solipsist cosmotarian Free Weed and Free Gay Sex Club Memberships! views?

Has Gillespie lost sight of the fact that all of pro wrestling is about fakery, and blurring the lines between what appears and what is?

What's next? Gillespie is going to complain about the "drugginess" of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf, or the "cynicism" of George Carlin?

I guess this is Nick, trying for ironical humor.

But failing, as always.

If Hogan is Bollea's creation, I think it's up to Bollea to say when a public act is in character. Man, I'd hate to see Gillespie tackling the issue of Andy Kaufman's various personalities and where Andy began and, for example, Latka Gravas began. Doesn't Nick ever get outside the bubble he lives in? Doesn't he realize that average entertainment consumers frequently confuse the actor and the part played? Is Nick Gillespie serious when he writes idiotic things, or is that "Nick Gillespie, reason.com columnist, whose work has no bearing on the opinions of Nick Gillespie, Male Feminist-Metrosexual Bernie Sanders Fan" wrote it? Will that be his defense when the Silent T is sued for some idiocy Nick wrote?


Chet Redweld said...

No surprise the metrosexual (in the Vietnam Era, they called it "unisex") perspective dominates the Silent T. It's cool to blur gender and sexuality lines, bro-sis-furry, but I'll be gobsmacked before I let someone like Andy Kaufman operate numerous stage-, and perhaps not-necessarily-intending-a-commercial-audience-, personae. It's cool to have fake fruits and vegetables, but fake personae? Fake technology like Tesla's, that's uber-cool, but fake personae not. Even though we use them routinely ourselves in Silent T comment threads and elsewhere on the internet. Do as we say, not as we do. Money for nothing, and everything for fame and image! Substance and integrity are fake values we promote for others to gullibly accept without question, while we operate superficially and with great duplicity, to great profit advantage. Let's toast to it!

Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, but then Stossel writes an ironic essay about watering down Cosmotarianism, and the Commentariat argue over whether the Cosmotarians could be "politically competitive" if they would just play ball. Through this tortuous path we learn that it's most important to play ball, and least important to have principles. Have them on the surface, for salesmanship -- yes, by all means, do that -- but at bottom? Listen, if we need to tax and regulate marijuana, allow Homeland Security to stand, permit the TSA to keep needlessly pestering innocents in violation of innocent until proven guilty constructs given lip service in other departments & at other levels, and encourage long-term destruction through short-term techno-wizardry like 7 year olds anticipating their Xmas Morning Bounty, then that's what we have to do to win. And by "winning," I mean having the most toys and the most income to use on more and more toys, which demonstrate our superior status. You idiots just don't understand economics!

Paul Behrer said...

Kinda consistent with Silent T Icon, Penn Gillette, pretending at "skepticism" while practicing deception ("magic").

When "Penn" (everyone in the Commentariat knows him by first name) is both stage fraud ("magician") and serious owner of cultural wisdom (the "skeptic" gambit), how do we know which role is for Vegas-styled diversion enabling soft theft and which is one of the fundamental building blocks in the Silent T Cosmotarian Perspective?

I guess Nick Gillespie might have one thing going for him: could be he's so stupid he can't even see the inherent inconsistencies living within his Cosmotarian perspective, as given voice through his Silent T Columnist position.

But it's more likely he doesn't give a shit, and is fully aware, because let's face it: economics.

Chet Redweld said...

It's irony upon irony.

End result: nothing we say matters, nothing should be judged against any standard but the most essential -- does it generate clicks, which we turn into money through 21st century slight of hand.

Penn Gillette truly is a great ambassador for the Silent T Perspective.

"Look, I'm lying with a straight face when I tell you that as a skeptic I'm not buying what it is I'm describing as fake, but did you really not realize that getting money through deception is mankind's highest calling? And you call yourself intelligent? You'll never make it in show biz, pal."