Thursday, March 31, 2016

gosh it's just like an episode of CSI

When the video for the first round of the SuperBro of the World (SERIOUS!) ends up more over-produced than the 2d Duran Duran album, you know you're MAINSTREAM BRO!  It's like traveling to Monaco, full boat, on the company card!


Overheard thanks to my trusty drone flying around Corral, Chile:

--This year we are the Spokesman for the Industry.  Our videos have to focus on lifestyle, exotic locations, enviable views, interesting locals, rare food items, indigenous flora/fauna, and of course, the bikes.  The lust objects themselves!

--Right.  Totally agree.  It's not about racing or riding skill, it's about being in enviable locations riding bikes you can only dream of riding.

--Exactly.  Can't agree more.

--Product placement, then.

--Lots of product.

--But subtle.  And with Euro music in the background.

--Right.  Again, totally agree.  Should feel like you're on vacation at a club at 3 AM on the French Riviera.  I mean, who ever gets to do that?

--On the money.  Bang on the money.  Give that man a cigar.


Instead of 20 mins of Hollywood, I'd take 4 mins of RAW.

Rather than an airbrushed version of a model who's had 4 different facial re-making surgeries already, I'll take the natural woman.

But thanks for trying to drag me up your social ladder.  I appreciate your thoughtful ways, how you make me feel guilty for not liking the fancy version.  Quite sly.


Harold Caidagh said...

So... blister gear review as template, eh?

Remember: you're not really a participant in the hardcore, authentic mountain lifestyle unless you make 6 figures, spend $50k/yr on gear minimum, spend $100k/yr minimum on travel for mountain lifestylin', and always are on whatever is this year's cutting edge gear, ready to explain how you just can't lifestyle properly unless your gear is right now, not 5 minutes ago and surely not yesterday.

As they've said for years over on TGR, and more recently, on ridemonkey -- it's all about the dentist.

Or as I'd say, it's all about the trustafarian, the professional, and the internet/cloud image-meister, which means it's all about the sales, and not really anything at all about the activity itself.

I think Chet pegged it with the CSI reference.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Same crap the cosmotarians have done to liberty-oriented writings and thought. Instead of about liberty, personal freedom and minimal governmental authority, it's about freedom to buy stuff, and freedom to see "innovators" create pigs-in-pokes to sell to dupes because economic freedom means freedom to cheat others, which isn't wrong because whatever gets you more cash influx, that gets you more freedom to buy stuff, new stuff, latest stuff... technology dude, it's the future. Our children will be the first generation to live forever if we can keep progressing technology in our lifetimes. You don't want to be like our stupid parents, who had clunky "cordless" land lines and leaded gasoline, or our moronic grandparents who had party lines and rotary dial phones and no air conditioning or television. They all died young without enduring the last true human warrior event, the 14 month battle with cancer.

Who would ever want to live like that? We all want to be in Monaco on the company dime, forever.

It's the pose that matters most.