Wednesday, March 16, 2016

bipartisan -- but maybe a little ashamed about it

Here in Mountain Lifestyle Valhalla of the Moment, you can find anywhere you turn or look a progressive Democrat who thinks the stupid redneck reactionary misogynist conservatard Repthuglican cis-het-patriarchal homophobes that lived here** when Mr/Ms/Mrs/Zs Pwogwell moved to MLVotM should just pack up and get the fuck outta here, because MLVotM is now for US PROGRESSIVES, so get the fuck out!

I hear this sentiment expressed passive-aggressively most frequently, but sometimes a he/she/ze will say it outright, when he/she/ze thinks everyone in earshot agrees that POOR WHITE PEOPLE WHO DRIVE OLD VEHICLES, HUNT WITH GUNS FOR SUBSISTENCE, AND MIGHT NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT 24/7/365 SHOULD GET THE FUCK OUTTA MLVotM!


It may surprise my many Progressive friends and acquaintances to learn that a Leading Neocon Journal of Spoon-Fed Opinions -- particularly, National Review -- is in full agreement.

[Kevin] Williamson, a long-time critic of The Donald, essentially agrees that he doesn’t support any policies or rhetoric directly tailored to the working-class — particularly about jobs being taken by outsourcing and immigration — because it would be wrong to do so.

“It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been victimized by outside forces,” the NR roving correspondent writes. “[N]obody did this to them. They failed themselves.”

He then goes on to state that all the ills associated with downscale whites are a result of that class’s inherent depravity.

“If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy—which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog—you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that,” Williamson state.

He then goes on to make the conclusion that it’s great these communities are dying out because they have a warped morality and are a dead weight on the economy.

“The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible,” the conservative writer says. “The white American under-class is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul. If you want to live, get out of Garbutt [a blue-collar town in New York].”

Good job, Progressives. You are as reactionary as your hated Mortal Enemies, the Repthuglicans. You have no tolerance, but insist that everyone should be tolerant.

Funny how that Kevvy-Wevvy Wiw-yum-sin needs so badly to distance himself from the Shanty Irish. Poor guy. Such insecurity, he reminds me of Chalupa.  He also sounds a lot like Jim Kunstler with that Jew-in-the-Catskills attitude of hating the "white trash."

Hey, maybe if I call myself and my forebears "poor white trash," I can earn Progressive and other kinds of fake karma for social capital purposes?


**  ...and have lived here, for several generations preceding the Progressive's immigration.

--Paul Behrer, with a crimson neck on a cis-het body.

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