Sunday, February 14, 2016

you're a pathetically small --homuncular, really-- idiot who does nothing but REACT while accusing others of reactionary behavior

So you're happy Tony Scalia died in his sleep, because to you he was a fat reactionary conservatard repthuglican misogynist cis-het-patriarchist homophobe who was Corporate.  And you gloat gleefully at his death.

Bully for you.  Team spirit, etc.  Right? 

This is an easy position for you to hold, project, vomit, spew, gush, tweet.  You've spent a whole life Us vs Themming the world, and you have decades of experience heaping overdone vitriol and scathe upon the Thems you've encountered. 

Especially those Thems whom you've never met, who work in fields you know nothing about.

So naturally you hated Scalia, since you don't know the law and haven't ever met him.

Meanwhile you would place Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a high pedestal because she's one of your Usses, but Ruth had no issues with Tony and in fact was one of his best friends.

Good job.  You're small enough now that we could send you on a Fantastic Voyage.  I'm sure you'll use that microscopic status to climb into a new Them-hating vehicle and rev it for all it's worth.

Keep showing how little you know about the world outside Usville.  It's quite a display.


Jeff "invisible" Popovich said...

You just don't get my gags, which are high comedy. I actually know more about the law than you do, well more than my educational or work history would suggest, because I am the REFERENCE LIBRARIAN and that means I know everything in the REFERENCE SECTION including case reports, hornbooks, textbooks, treatises, law reviews & journals, and professors' memoirs. I have memorized all of those things and on that background I wanted Scalia's head to explode, because CORPORATE and because REACTIONARY and because MISOGYNIST WHO WANTS TO CONTROL WOMAN UTERUS and because my wife freaks out about Scalia and therefore I have to freak out about Scalia because I don't have my own identity because I've never been my own man because I grew up among reactionary dirt-eaters in PeeEh who are meat-eating hunters and fishermen and I only eat vegetables and penis, in that order. I'm so much smarter and funnier than you, I've trolled you forever and you keep biting. Bow to my genius.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Walter Mitty

Chet Redweld said...

Don't be the dog, be the flea.