Wednesday, February 17, 2016

watchagonnadu now, ya moe-ron?

This has to be the most laughable thread I've read in a long time.

These dorks think that Big Data (i.e., a bit of software that compares MTB geometry features among various frames) tells them all kinds of new things about "modern geometry" and "reach" and "stack."


these "new" data points like "reach" and "stack" aren't new at all.  It's your geometric ignorance, and your lack of accurate perceptions when riding, and warehouse of mistaken conclusions about geometry and what you "perceived" with a given geometric point (i.e. HA or TT actual or TT virtual) in the past.

You idiots refused to ride any 29 bikes in the 2000s decade because they had 70 or 71 HA and you assumed that meant Instant Endo.  Wouldn't even ride the bikes, would you?  Wouldn't even trust anyone who said HA alone doesn't dictate bike behavior, would you?

Now you've learned you were mistaken about that, but somehow now also you're confused because "modern geometry" has much slacker HAs and you are terrified of being NOT "modern" because as Canadians you are progressive and desire modernity and technological sophistication.

Your real question should be this:

"Am I mistaken when I collate data points and assume I know what they mean, even when I don't?"

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