Monday, February 15, 2016

more more more and it's all free so let's get it done for progress and the children who are our future!

Anonymous tipster left a comment not meant for publication (commenter's wish  --Ed.) which contained a suggestion that UNSF work up a t-shirt design sure to sell millions in the run-up to POTUS16.

Having little inclination beforehand to consider the matter and owning little free time this morning, we undertook the design in a hasty manner, by committee, and came up with this:


 ...of course I'm a 


That's why I'm so

Made from 100% pre-shrunk Organic Cotton picked by Ivy League graduates at a pay rate of $75/hr under the banner of a non-profit co-op.

Sizes available are:

Baby 0-4
Child Polygender XS-XXL
Adult Polygender M-XXXXXXXXL


Baby - $95.00
Child - $125.00
Adult - $165.00

Special Orders:

Baby Shirts -- For an additional $50.00, we can make your Baby's shirt resist spills, drools, vomit, finger-paint by treating it with a USEPA- and USDA-Certified-as-Green liquid barrier.  This is the best way to make sure your little darling never besmirches our glorious leader, our game-changing POTUS-to-be.

Child and Adult Shirts for Well-Endowed Females or Males Undergoing Gender Reassignment With An Aim Toward Large Breastedness -- For an addditional $75.00, we can pre-stretch your shirt in the bust, to reduce distortion of our glorious leader, our game-changing POTUS-to-be.

All proceeds go to Feel the Bern 2016! Enterprises, a subsidiary of


H.M. Lohmann said...

I lobbied for the addition of Feel the Bern 2016! beneath the PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE! but Chet overruled me with arguments about infringing on an existing viable internet/twitter/facebook/instagram/etc meme and the lameness of being a copycat even if there's no copyright or trademark obviously associated with that "Feel the Bern" thing.

Chet Redweld said...

Pretty much true, but with emphasis on the lameness in being a copycat. Trade dress is an area that's much fuzzier than trademark or copyright, which are clearly reflected (if someone wants them protected) with those little encircled C or T symbols. Trade dress is about how you present your product -- packaging, design, etc.

This ends your mini-IP-lecture.

oh my garsh! said...

Something Berniebros want to keep silent on:

Nobody's stopping The Bern from repatriating in Israel and working his magic in politics there, if that's which nation he feels strongest about despite his tenure in the US Congress instead of in the Knesset.

Chet Redweld said...

Hey garsh!, does that link have an extra "f" at the end? Doesn't it end at ".htm"?