Friday, February 12, 2016

ho ho ho, mayor fatso!

John Engen paused while eating his 4th bearclaw of the morning coffee, and noted that California is modernizing way faster than Missoula.  Instantly, he grabbed his iPhone∞ and called Leigh Griffing to advise that it's time for Griffing to work with Klarryse L. Murphy, CPA of the Ravalli County department of finance, to ensure that western Montana has a suitably competing high speed rail system to guarantee that Missoula residents can access the southernmost end of the Bitterroot Valley in under 15 minutes.  Certainty of continual strip-mall development along the rail corridor will ensure progress for generations!  Mark Edgell already is on board, as is Jackson Contracting Group.

This will be my Falstaff Legacy!, cried Mayor Fatso.  No way is Mike Kadas going to be known as the most progressive mayor in Missoula history.  It's me!  I'm the man!  I'm progressive politics embodied!


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

It wasn't enough to ensure that Missoula didn't control its own water supply and Carlyle Group could swoop in, own that supply, and then re-sell it to a Canadian consortium. It wasn't enough to ensure that cell phones could be used while driving. It wasn't enough to mandate residents pay for sidewalks installed on their property and be required to clear the sidewalks of snow & ice for public use. It wasn't enough to approve of extremely expensive sculptures that beautify the public parking garage grounds. It wasn't enough to have $500k value condominiums built for low-income housing. It wasn't enough to make the Poverello Center the envy of wealthy people everywhere. No, Missoula needs a bullet train!

Thanks, Mayor Fatso. You're a champ.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.