Sunday, February 21, 2016

gimme some lies, SUPER-SIZE!

Rich Kastelein/Arthur Silber/Chris Floyd:

It's true that those ranchers' plight was given as the original reason for the Bundy seizure of the nature reserve, but soon this was dropped in favor of an emphasis on opening up federal lands for purchase and control by wealthy property-owners.

At least you got the first part correct, even if the "dropped in favor of..." switches tactics to outright lying.

If you believe federal lands are not controlled by wealthy people, you don't know much about federal lands. The Bundy family and their affinity-couched supporters aren't stalking horses for some "corporate" (or whatever word you'd use, Rich/Chris/Arthur) interest. You really can't understand anything unless it fits your narrow perspective, can you?

Of course we consistently mock Chris/Rich/Arthur for their ignorance, especially the ignorance which pretends at holism and empathy like the lying part of the block quote above. People whose engagement with others is limited to online interaction, people whose understanding of rural NW people and lives is limited to projection of "reactionary" sentiment, people whose understanding (cough cough) of others is limited to dismissal-as-subhuman -- yes, these are the people to whom Arthur/Rich/Chris is singing. Operatically.

Please send money to Arthur (which goes to Rich/Chris, writing as "Arthur Silber" a/k/a Art-for-Silver). Keep a sane voice of lying obfuscation in a position to keen, wail and shriek at "reactionaries". It's not enough that Phylter and Grandma Sheila can offer their whack. We need Chris/Rich, as Arthur, to carry the day.

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