Thursday, February 25, 2016

demand you did, supply we do!

Domahidy Designs conducted extensive twitter, facebook, pinkbike, NSMB, ridemonkey, vitalmtb research and learned exactly which Wish List features were most common for people's Dream Bikes.  Rather than examine the collected dreams and fantasies for utility as a whole, Domahidy worked diligently to put all the fancies into one bike. 

For this, we should praise Domahidy.  Consumers who ride 1x/week for 45 mins/ride and have been doing so for at least three months now, they know best what makes a good bicycle.  They've mastered all the relevant skills already, and it's the stagnant nature of bicycle technology that holds them back from true mastery -- which, of course, would be demonstrated by Video of the Quarter-Hour honors on

Rather than improving the unreliable parts offered by various makers (designers?) in the industry, or making durability a priority for long-term user enjoyment, we should honor the childish sci-fi fantasies of people who will stop riding MTBs as soon as the next outdoor lifestyle fad is pitched by Outside or NatGeo: Adventure or The Van Life blog. 

In order to make sure honest, reliable frame and component manufacturers are still around in 2020, we have to demand useless fads every year, and complain about how there isn't enough progress in MTB technology even when we get a new fad or three each product season.  The only way to get the suitable amount of progress in the sport is to have product weeks.  52 opportunities/year to innovate, improve, and drive the technology to meet the demands of today's riders.

Who, tomorrow, may be used-to-be-MTBer-who-now-does-something-else. 

Which means we're not progressing the sport fast enough.

Maybe it needs to progress every day.  365 product iterations.  Y2015W12D4 Guyde Brakes are so much better than the Y2015W11D2 model!  Way better.  I can't believe you're still running the Y2015W11D2.  Do you know how many iterations have progressed the brake since then?  What are you doing, trying to kill the sport?

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