Wednesday, January 6, 2016

you is me and I am not you so where does that leave us?

One of the worst PR developments of my adult life is the insistence on interviewees (or reviewers of creative endeavors) saying, for example,

"you find yourself _____"


"you feel _____"


"you just want to _____"

and apparently this was strategized as anticipatory surgical strike against the audience perception of

"what an ego on that ______!"

But if you're telling me how things went for you, or how a book-movie-song-album struck you, then you should be using the first-person ego-projection.

Unless you imagine yourself spokes-person for all humanity, but I think that's what solipsism is, and why it's such a drag -- like leaving your e-brake on when pulling out of the driveway and into the road. 

Tell me how it struck you, not what you think The Universal Audience Member Would Feel.

Don't tell me how I'm supposed to feel.

Tell me how you felt.

I can work out the difference between our perspectives using my own brain, thank you very little.


People who call something "epic" right after it's been experienced, what exactly is their perspective?  It's "epic" in what context?  All the things you've ever done or seen yourself?

What if someone else has been doing that thing forever?

Or read that kind of fiction hundreds of times before?

Or heard that sort of music for many hours of listening?

Would any of them call it "epic"?

Or is it just epic for you?

That's epic to me. 1999 it happened, still fresh and punchy in 2016.

How many days later is that? I gave it a day, I gave it many days.


Paul Behrer said...

Stephen Malkmus is like Nostradamus with his prediction of Sam Power midstream in Folk Jam:

Beware the head of state says
that she believes in leprechauns
Irish folk tales scare the shit out of me,

Harold Caidagh said...

Yo, Barney Rubble,
Igotcher daily double: