Tuesday, January 19, 2016

why "silent T"?, you ask.

Jacob Sullum:

I currently live in Israel,....

Perfect residence for someone working for a website engineered to do disinfo/psyops on Americans.

And dovetails precisely --probably almost a perfect friction fit on all relevant sides-- with the Silent T's eternal apology for profit regardless of the social implications of and effects from the mechanisms chosen to obtain such profits.

Dig it, baby.  

You know what I'm saying here, right?  It's like Nigel West Dickens who constantly thinks "science" means "guys in white lab coats finding ways to make money for nothing" or "meritocrats in industries which deliver square tasteless tomatoes that save millions annually in preservation and transportation costs."

Or the entire website's (writers, editors, and commenters alike) collective attitude toward Little Glenn and Fast Eddie. 

Greed, as a value. Milken-Boesky, BAY-BEE!

If we're richer, then fuck anyone who says anything about how we got such riches.  They're jealous.  And probably afraid of progress.  They may even be anti-Semitic.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, wondering why working for Israel is exempt from the Christopher Boyce treatment.


Skeletor w/ Crumbcatcher said...

Your jealousy is palpable, noisome, noxious and reprehensible, as well as extremely uncouth, and unworthy of my dignifying it with a proper substantive response. I'll just say you're wrong and don't really understand post 9/11 national security.

Heroes of the Fatherland said...

More than wrong, he's quite jealous, and understandably so. Any Useless Eater of his stripe would be jealous of our immeasurable influence over global politics and our fidelity to the Fatherland.

Wobby Thwahvay said...

It’s a good thing, for instance, that it’s no longer acceptable to yell insulting remarks at gays. We at The Reason Foundation stand firmly with gays. Words are more damaging than guns, bullets, knives, missiles, morningstars, nunchakus, pikes, halberds, swords, axes, maces, trebuchets, garottes.

Fabulous Fatherland Travels, Inc. said...

Honey, we have the most incomparable hookup spots with free condoms and lube provided when you land at the airport. Of course Jacob is here with us. Where else would he be? We're just waiting for Nick and Robby to arive for the big soiree. Ron visits twice a year and always returns home walking bowlegged. He tells people he spent his vacation at a dude ranch. Not really a white lie, is it?

Ibrahim Fucks-Men said...

My good friend Heroes of the Fatherland above seems to have struggled with his URL, when I click on it it takes me to some insane White Power website. I believe what he wanted to do was point you in the direction of a list of persons who, to quote Spike Lee, do the right thing.

Please try copying and pasting this link: http://american3rdposition.com/?p=12767