Thursday, January 7, 2016

the flapping hands, the loafers barely worn

Have you seen my new twitter profile?  Twice the rancidness!

How do I manage to win so much and so often?  WIN WIN WIN!

I just can't stop rubbing my pecker 'til it bleeds -- online.  ONE MAN ORGY!

I'm swingin' from my hero's nutsack all day tomorrow!  SCHWING-a-DING-DONG, baby!

Once upon a time I made art for silver, but it turned out to be chromed plastic.

images public domain
text by Harold Caidagh ©2016


Klauszit Korn-Hoels said...

Ach, this goyim is gornisht helfn. A mitzvah of mishegas, he is. And a tin ear for comedy, but I bet I could sell that tin as purest sterling silver.

Ran, Sidd, Hunne & Trapp, PLLP said...

OMIGOD this Redweld guy is IN THE CLOSET and projecting. Everyone knows the Genius of Georgetown University Library Staff is hilarious, a genius, a true poet, the most ethical human alive today apart from his partner and offspring who surpsass him because XX >> XY even when the XY is an XY+XY sort.

Thanks for giving me more comedy ideas, I'll be sure to tweak them for the pink flamingos and trannysurprisers crew I'm hanging with in 2016. Thanks also for continuing to LOSE because you won't come onto twitter and play with us fancy human poodles.

hutterite scythe debacle said...

FAAAAAAABulous, I truly cannot stop my side from splitting open. This reactionary breeder misogynist homophobe cis-het-patriarchist doesn't even realize he's the one being parodied and satirized, it's quite ludicrous for him to think he knows what's going on. HIL-ARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOUS.

Harold Caidagh said...

All this, because the little gay trustafarians can't admit Greenwald duped them and can't admit that Chuck and Karl mocking the Frilly Blouse Brigade wasn't about homophobia, but about pretense among the self-styled sociopolitical action brigade's members.

The circling wagons = the terror of the uncivilized heathen's possible (as-imagined) violence. How dare those savages stand against progress and civilization?

Might be the GRH lawsuit outcome pissed them off a wee tiny almost imperceptible bit too.



Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

Mr. Redweld, just when it seems you and your blog are making progress, along comes another hateful entry that can't be seen as anything more than backsliding into old negative destructive patterns.

I've invited you repeatedly to join the insightful, open-minded social healers who can be found in nearly every American town of 100,000 or more people of whom a great majority consistently vote Democrat and have for decades.

The destructive urges you seem so eager to unleash, they can be put to a more socially benevolent purpose if you would simply point them toward the proper targets. But these backslides, in which you engage in what Millennials and aging hipsters call punching down, are doing you no long-term service. They make it more difficult for you to assimilate into the winning team once you've admitted that's where you should have been all along.

Remember, the journey enjoys significant coverage under the ACA, so please do get in touch with one of us at your earliest convenience.

Chet Redweld said...

Ms Helper, I'm going to have to fix the original post to reflect its true author. I can understand you thinking I wrote it, but I'm just the rubber stamp on this one, just the one who put it past Draft status into Published status.

This one is Hal's handiwork. And as to his "backsliding," as you call it, I believe the great majority if not all of your observations and their underlying concerns were advanced by the plaintiffs in the GRH, LLC vs UNSF / Caidagh lawsuit.

Given the possible loss exposures Hal faced in that lawsuit, I can understand him gloating a little now and then.

Thanks for letting me know I forgot to add his tagline. Now I have to admit, if ever questioned, that I wrote a portion of a post that should properly be attributed to Harold Caidagh rather than myself. I hope you respect the fact that I'm acknowledging this oversight without excuse.