Wednesday, January 27, 2016

stop, you're embarrassing yourself

Chris Floyd, the non-entity who has convinced 2 or 3 actual people (meaning: not comments from sock puppets that the non-entity pens himself) that he exists, is a genius, and is a man named "Chris Floyd," well he has demonstrated now how ignorant he is with his entry about the Bundys and the OR situation.

In holographic expatriate's mind the only inquiry is whether these Bundy-affiliates in the standoff can be tarred with "redneck" or "reactionary."

The hologram hasn't ever lived in rural OR and doesn't know jack shittereeee about ranching.

Of course, like The Ding-Dong, our holographic genius hates anyone who has anything to do with carnivorous behavior -- from supplier of meats to eater of meats, the only carnivorous act acceptable to people like Ding-Dong or holographic expert is the sucking of the cock, and preferably it's Ding-Dong's cock being sucked, or holographic expert is noshing on another man's pork sword.

Other than that, meat-eating is reactionary misogynistic nonsense.  If you want to eat meat, you have to be a gay or bi man and the meat you eat has to be a penis.  You can't eat dead cow, dead pig, dead lamb, dead fish, dead chicken.  You have to limit your meat-eating to a gay sex act.

So naturally the Bundys are reactionary redneck fucktards.  Because they won't just sit back and let the FedGov manipulate the grazing in whimsical fashion, and because they have the homophobic misogynistic cis-het-patriarchist tendency to suggest people eat meat, rather than suck dick.


"Mr Behrer, why does your blog hate homosexuals so much?"

Yes, you want to ask that, don't you?

And you couldn't figure out the angles from reading the saga of the GRH v UNSF/Caidagh lawsuit, could you?

You, like every other idiot who can't think for him/herself, agree with the Hollywood angle.  Gays are indeed heroes, and heteros are either (A) people who need to die ASAP, or (B) closeted gays who will eventually become heroes when they admit their gay preferences.

Everyone must be gay, or else be put in line for the gas chamber/firing squad/electrocution chair/guillotine/hangman's noose.



If you don't know what it's like to try to graze your herd on lands, and to have the FedGov constantly fucking with your grazing areas, you really don't have any room to talk about how filthy, antisocial, misanthropic, etc. are the Bundys and/or anyone like them.

If you've never met the Bundys and are just taking a snapshot of their person while extrapolating a belief system and motivational drives that might not actually exist within the Bundys, what are you doing besides lying profusely about a situation you don't understand?

Oh, wait a moment.  Excuse me.  These observations are suitable only for someone who writes from a position of honest brokerage.

Clearly that's not the case with "Chris Floyd" or anyone else using the Bundy situation to peck away at, whittle down, chop off at the knees.

But it's sure to get a bunch of pooftahs wound up and eager to see Feds shoot the Bundys, isn't it?

--Paul Behrer, amazed at the tunnel vision of those who imagine themselves as tolerant and supporting diversity of opinion.


Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

The USA is threatened with reactionary elements hiding in plain sight. The Bundys are a perfect example of this. They'd rather be cattle ranchers than code writers or app designers or repackagers of culture from prior decades. This proves they are trying to collapse America from within. They want us all to return to horseback instead of motor vehicle, death from dysentery instead of remaking one's image and external sexual tools with surgery, and dark scary places rather than streetlights everywhere.

As soon as we can identify every Redneck Reactionary and cull them from Polite Society, we will have hit Progressive Nirvana. We have to stop these enemies of progress whenever we have the opportunity, and this standoff with the Bundys will let us achieve that at two levels. On one level, we stop the Bundys directly, which is a major coup. On a deeper level the assassination of the Bundys will prevent any other disgusting sick reactionary misogynist homophobe carnivore anti-statist from getting too big for his britches and trying to start another riot.

The only riots we approve of are Pussy Riots. In other countries.

Polite society is nearly complete, we have only a few hundred thousand reactionaries to identify and exterminate, and it really shouldn't take too long to achieve that.

Stand tall, progressives. We are nearing total victory.

Harold Caidagh said...

What's the shorty version of "Honoria"? If Elizabeth = Beth = Liza = Liz = Libby, is Honoria = Honey? Nori? Hon?

That's not as relevant as the Q of whether our Ms Helper has bothered to read the GRH v UNSF/Caidagh saga thoroughly enough to understand its message. We know she skimmed it for long enough to praise Prissy's interrogative tactics, because she said as much in a comment thread a few months back. But did she really understand what that lawsuit and its outcome meant? I realize she's not a lawyer and for that reason may miss a detail or 315 of them, but shouldn't a well-educated person of her diploma-possession have more insights?

Or is she just one of those people who sees herself as an Agent of Change, and sees her job as making others Change to suit the ideal society she has imagined as the perfect demonstration of universal mental health?

Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

I think it's been well established by many reputable experts that mentally healthy people are progressive, and that mentally ill people are reactionary. This has been shown time after time by people in white coats spending NIH grant money. The longer the USA has reactionary elements within, the longer it will be a psychologically unwell society. Purge the reactionary, purge the mental illness. It's really that simple, and if you don't agree, you must not know as much about science as you pretend.

Chet Redweld said...

And how much science have you studied, Ms Helper? What science courses did you take at the collegiate level?

Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...


Chet Redweld said...

I asked for science. So, you haven't taken any science at the collegiate level?

Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

One may earn an M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics, Psychology or Economics. So, clearly they are sciences, or else you could not earn the mid-stream M.S. in them.