Thursday, January 21, 2016


Did you notice the Arch-FUCKING-Druid selling Marxist "class analysis" under guise of retro-steampunk doomer perspective?

or the comparisons of salary "growth", which serve the same ends of distraction?

When you criticize salary "growth" you implicitly suggest two things:  (1) economies must "grow", and (2) this "growth" should be reflected in per-capita salary averages.

How does a retro-steampunk-doomer hold any integrity talking about the essential quality of "growth" in what hazily is called "the economy" and sometimes referenced more directly as "salary"?


If I had an IQ of, say, 36 on the S-B, I might fall for Archie's ruse.  Gosh, look at the rare words he employs with perspicacity!  And he tells us he makes royalties on his published works!  Naturally I assume that means his life of leisure is due to his fantastic insights and writing skills yielding 6-figure royalties, rather than a separate source of income gained back before he donned the costume of Archie, Lord High King of the Druids.  Surely I'm not looking into that prior source of income, because it may well run contrary, and emphatically so, to what he's pitching now!


The sock puppetry used by Archie remains obvious.  Since he doesn't have to work, and his word salad "essays" reflect no editing whatever, and are entered 1x/week, I'm inclined to ask what Archie does during the other 167 hours in his work-week.  Presumably he doesn't sleep 15 hrs/day, but even if he does that leaves 9 hrs/day for 6 days and 8 hrs/day for the other day, all for writing comments allegedly done by others.

This assumes his "essays" take 1hr to write.  Maybe Archie's not as wise as he pretends and they take him 4 hours to write.  So that would be still, 9 hrs/day for 6 days and 4 hrs/day for the essay-writing day, all as idle time in his work week.  That's not enough time to write all the bogus comments?


It's strangely similar to what Glenn Greenwald did to build his own hollow rep, and nearly identical to what "Tom Feeley" does at ICH, or what "Tarzie" does at one of his acidified-butter outlets.

But hey, let's ignore all that fakery.  Archie seems like a god, or wizard, or sorcerer -- of wisdom, mainly.  Doesn't he?

Kookiest of all is how much Archie resembles Sprytel J. Chimchim and Jack Crow in his writing.

I'm sure it's all genuine and sincere, though, and a product of diligent idea-hashing & reformulating in Cumberland, MD.

I mean, look at the beard on the PR photo.  Genuine as anything!  Rasputin and Marx are both envious!


There's no way this stuff is erector-set-built for goat-roping purposes.  None.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, amused at your gullibility and eagerness to engage in confirmation bias.

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