Saturday, December 26, 2015

the yuck, the yuckle, the buckling yuckling suckle

Maybe this wouldn't be an issue for you if you didn't have that absurd tribal need to identify as "a Jew". Maybe the identity as "a Jew" carries too much Spiritual Exclusivity and Existential Supremacy baggage. All that Chosen shit. 'n' shit.

Perhaps you should keep your god-damned magical thinking (hey thanks, Crowbar!) to yourself. Honestly, I don't care if you want to worship a 6 pointed star and call yourself Chosen and sequester yourself with opposition to the goyim and their ways of treyfness.

I don't really mind if you want to remove leavening for Passover, to guilt the shit out of yourself while you make "jokes" about Catholic goyim and their guilt issues.

What did the ancient Jewish people do to deserve this self-flagellation of guilt mixed with arrogant Chosen-ness?

More importantly, why would someone choose to make him/herself into something so many people find distasteful, socially speaking?

Because the rabbi cut some skin off your dick?

Because your parents did the song-and-dance of guilt-with-superiority?

And why are you so quick to heap scorn and hatred on the Christians?

And why are you so greedy?

And so eager to make a quick profit regardless of long-term social destruction qualities advanced in the monetary gain?

And so eager to run confidence scams on others while pretending you're doing it for social or technological progress that benefits all of humanity?

These are the questions I'd like to see someone ask, as a stand-up routine.

But the poor soul would be terminated before the act was over.

Or cut completely out of the "scene" or whatever the rent-seekers call the enterprise of selling stand-up performance done by others.

It's considered healthy to make fun of rednecks.  Of Christians.  Or of Southerners.  Or, especially in this 2d decade of the 21st C, it's rather chipper and very vigorous, health-wise, to make fun of heterosexuals.

I can't see how any of this ties together though.

-- H.M. Lohmann, comfortably acknowledging his spiritual and existential naivety.


Harold Caidagh said...

Hy, it's good to see you work up an entry, it happens so rarely.

I used to think you were a fan of Elon Musk, but now I'm not so sure. This quote here, is it talking about Musk?

And so eager to run confidence scams on others while pretending you're doing it for social or technological progress that benefits all of humanity?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Some would say yes.

Takk Goot, P.E. said...

I'd rather hear about the Koch Brothers and the way they use their money to influence politics.

Elon Musk is just doing what all good non-profit people do: he applies for grants. Non-profits are the best. Everything Musk's companies create is open source. Musk only pays himself pennies a year, literally pennies a year. I think if you sum up all the in-kind benefits he gets, plus the life expenses he writes off as company expenses, and the travel he does assumedly for purely business purposes, he really makes only about $12,000 USD per year. For a man of his immense genius, that's quite underpaid and really in a meritocracy like ours, Musk should make billions per year.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Hal, I was thinking of Mark Zuckerberg mostly, but as Karl shows, plenty of people would see Elon Musk there too.