Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Have you noticed that Getting Rich by Kasting a Lein is running out of sock puppet energy?  5 comments/post, all by the same hand as the author of the OP, no distinction in voices, and the sloppiness of having two different "handles" using the same exact avatar and the same exact perspective voiced.

Every post = Donkey lust barely concealed, quite like Dennis Perrin.  But at the same time as the Donkey lust continues unabated, there are whinges about how "the left" keeps "losing" to "the right."

It's like the deluded fools who plan their year around the Super Bowl and treat that game as the ultimate reference point of what is noble in humanity.  Obviously the game has to be Good vs Evil and obviously, whomever you are, your Team is the one that represents Good.

It doesn't matter that you have almost innumerable adversaries who approach the theatrical distraction as seriously as you do, but from the opposite side.  They, too, are convinced they represent what is Good.


How do people go around equating "the left" with the Donkeys?

We should ask Chalupa.  He seems to be the point man on this little gambit.  You know:  Obamapostasy happens because D = the Left, but O = something sickeningly deceptive inasmuch as I assumed his half-Blackness meant Leftist and thus D = the Left remains sacrosanct as a theoretical construct thriving in my echo-laden cranium.

All this, while preening self as the Great Seer, but as usual, "self-deprecating" with such things as

My Complicity



We're supposed to be moved to BWAAAAAAAAH HAH HAH HAH HAH doubled over in hilarity at that, but it's not moving anyone in that manner.

Instead, it's like this:

I am incredibly pathetic.  I'd like to imagine myself as the insightful one, but I'm rather sightless, as my track record demonstrates.  So maybe I'd be better off selling myself not on sociopolitical insights or human psychology & motivation revelations, but instead, a firm fast hold on my perspective at age 15 when I told myself I was not only the Pontiff of Artistic Progress in my clique, but also --in the making, that is/was-- the nascent Diego Maradona of my HS.  This I prove now, at age 55, with my inside-baseball knowledge of trivia relevant to stadium design, stadium location, criticism of a coach, criticism of a player.  I do this from the perspective of one who, at age 15, had great potential in his mind where soccer (euro football, not helmetball) was concerned.  Let's not pay heed to where all that potential went, and whether I ever fulfilled it in any amount or to any degree.  What matters is that at 15, I was brimming with potential in the Arts and in Soccer, and that's the entity I hold in mind 40 years later when I look at myself.

Cribbed from the graph-paper watercolor journal of Chalupa, Artist in Residence at Georgetown University Library Staff.


The continual battle waged within minds is what we should attend to here. 

If you mistakenly believed that your chosen Hero or Savior was interested in doing things for the benefit of all --or at least all who, like you, support the Winning Team-- and then later you discover in mid-life something most intelligent people discovered around 18-25 yrs of age, it's clear what you should do.

You should blame OTHERS for how you, in your naivete that pretends at great wisdom/insight, created a false myth for your sense of belonging and identity and worth.


In the case of the Rich who Kast a Lein for humint manip purposes, what you should do is complain about how today, "the Left" are not being "true Leftists" and further the ruse with an assertion insisting that when you first began "supporting" them, "the Left" were as left as left can be, so diametrically opposed to the Right that they just could not be more Left if they tried. 

What happened to them?

I know.

Reactionaries did it.

--Paul Behrer, with pity and remorse.


Harold Caidagh said...

Laundry list of culprits for why the Left isn't as Lefty as Louis leGauche would have them:

Tea Party supporters
Ayn Rand admirers

As soon as we can identify all these perps and round them up, the exterminations and/or re-education camp internments can begin. And the rest of us pure-thinking, right-doing emissaries of human social progress can get down to the business of Left-izing the planet.

Chet Redweld said...

You know, I think it wouldn't take much to see a reduction in the spirit of mockery that thrives among this blog's various authors. Prior authors have hinted about it before in the context of Little Glenn, suggesting that Little Glenn could actually have a much higher profile as a legitimate authority if he spoke honestly about what drives him and what drove him, sociopolitical perspective wise.

But instead, we get commentary and perspectives which suggest the speaker or writer knew, always knew, always knew everything, and it's others who screwed things up.

It isn't surprising to me that these deluded people can't have a public admission of how they were duped, and the resultant Uncle Fester's Lightbulb is Glowing Now! explanation of how the perspective has changed, and how ashamed the speaker/writer is for having been so naive and wrong previously.

That's the adult thing to do.

Paul Behrer said...

I assumed everyone is as brilliant as me.
I assumed everyone is a Socialist like me.
I assumed the Democrats are the party which represents the Socialist view.
I assumed that every vote I've cast since 18yrs old was confirming D=Socialist.
I assumed that all minorities are Socialist and vote D.
I assumed that Socialism is the One True Way of Life for all humans.
I assumed that prior criticisms of socialist governments were just reactionary bigotry.
I assumed that the USSR would topple INSANE REAGAN because Socialism should win.
I assumed that Bill Clinton was advancing the Left's cause.
I assumed that if you're not a Socialist, you're a psychopath.
I assumed that all noble people follow Socialism.
I assumed that people who eat meat (not talking about sex here YUK YUK) aren't Socialists.
I assumed that people who hunt for food are not Socialist and never will be.
I assumed that once everyone is a Socialist, I will be happy.


I wonder if we might expect Chalupa or any other Leftist public intellectual (hey, maybe Corey Robin?) to regale us with something similar to the above.

Chet Redweld said...

Only if naive, Pablo, would we expect that.

Chalupa-doo Junior said...

It's funny how you're so dumb you can't see that the blogger you try so hard to mock is actually way smarter than you and totally working you over with satire, bro. He trolls you, and you respond. He's not anything like what you have described, he's not partisan, not a Democrat, and not even a library worker at Georgetown University.

He's actually what you, in your reactionary view, might call "God." But he doesn't like that term, because it's historically related to reactionary religions and he disapproves of reactionaries and religion.

In other words, he's omniscient, and he's blogging circles around everyone with his brilliance and his very very clever wordplay, which you have mistaken for angry hateful commentary.

How does it feel to be the mark in his long con?

Harold Caidagh said...

Walter Mitty

Chet Redweld said...

Don't be the dog, be the flea.