Thursday, December 31, 2015

president of fan club = same thing as investigative journalist

Apparently Nick Gillespie = Glenn Greenwald = Tarzie.

Yes, NSA is changing policies "because of Edward Snowden." 


If you're Nick=Tarzie=Glenn, just allege the causal connection.  Why prove it when you're busy building and selling a theme for eedjit mindless tribalist consumption?  And besides, proof is for courtrooms and even there we all know that Jack Nicholson spoke the plain simple veracity-laden explanation for why courtroom proof never really seeks the truth.

But then again, Jack's a known womanizer, hence misogynist purveyor of the cis-het-pat-riarchy.  So maybe he's really just an actor, unlike Matt Damon or Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher.

Take a few minutes here to fry your brain while you sort out where the line(s) is(are) drawn between & among the categories of news reader, actor, and "political talk show host" or "political satirist".


Is Nick Gillespie really so stupid as to believe Glenn Greenwald and the "Edward Snowden" fable?  Is he trying to make himself into the Aesop of the 21st Century?

Or does Nick maybe not give two shits about the truth, neither cynically and ironically pursuant to the Nicholson video linked above, nor as a value to hold in mind generally, where his journalistic enterprise is concerned?

What makes the Silent T any different from the Washington Post or New York Times on this absurd fairy tale?

And once again, why is arch whistleblower and destroyer and wide-open-blower of national security secrets "Edward Snowden" still alive if his big revelations were so game-changing?  And where are the documents he snuck out to Greenwald for pre-disclosure review?  They're not even dripping out, let alone being released in that much-feared "dump" like a giant earth-mover load from something like a Terex Titan.

I guess Tarzie can fill you in on that, if Nick and Glenn won't.

-- Harold Caidagh, still thumbing nose in direction of GRH, SJWs, and all others who think he should keep his thoughts to himself.

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