Wednesday, December 2, 2015

oh canada!

Given the chance, a resident of British Columbia will be pleased to inform you on how progressive things are in the left-most province of Canada.  Everyone's polite, everyone's positive, and by golly the living standards are shooting through the roof of this incredible skyscraper!  It's green, it's developing rapidly, and there is naught but social progress on the horizon as far as the eye can see.

Canadians from BC also are rapid in their denunciation of their sub-border neighbors in America.  Whatever bad happens in BC, it's almost always Americans to blame.  A domestic BC issue that comes out on the regressive, reactionary side of the ideal social equation, that's due to American Lawyers working their evil witchery and forcing Canadian lawyers to behave like the dastardly American ones.  If things are topsy-turvy in British Columbia ministrations of justice, that's because of Americans.

Naturally I am fully willing to accept blame for this recent decision of the BC Supreme Court.  As an American lawyer working in the state of Neuwestia, I can assure you that I lobbied hard here on the internet (though I did not tweet about it, twitter still being well beyond my technocapacities) for a way to use judicial power to sanctify hawkish paramilitary protection of mining assests in Guatemala.


Ooten A. Boot said...

If you can't see how progressive that decision is, that's because you're an American living in a country that has forgot how to be properly progressive. I suppose you think that just because the mining company is Canadian, it should give up the mining resources without a quarrel, and not enforce mine safety protocols in whatever nation holds the resources owned by a Canadian company. Those people were trying to stop a productive mine, and they deserved the lesson of progress that they earned.

Superfluous U. Speller, M.A. Candidate, Univeristy of British Columbia said...

Americans are such gun-toting rednecks. Donald Trump? That tells me all I need to know about America.

Chet Redweld said...

Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Personal Jurisdiction clearly are vastly different once you cross into the mighty expanse of Canada. Why would they want to use SMJ and PJ principles of American jurisprudence anyway? We're just a bunch of bigoted, angry, gun-toting, Jesus-worshiping, ambisexuality-denying rednecks. Of course personal jurisdiction over that mining company doesn't exist in Canada, and subject matter jurisdiction? The minerals are in Guatemala! The fact that they're being extracted by authority of BC-based executives, and that extraction enforced by mercenary goons authorized and paid by the same BC-based executives, that clearly shows the matter should proceed in Guatemala!

Ooten A. Boot said...

They have a shell corporation in Guatemala, so that removes them from any connection to BC. Clearly you don't understand progress.

Chet Redweld said...

Guatemalan jurists really hate big monetary or material gifts from Canadian mining businesses. I'm sure a fair shake will occur in Guatemala.

Ooten A. Boot said...

Laura Gerow is deeply concerned with the plight of the poor. In 1981 she published an assessment of how deficient were the heating facilities in an area known as LeBreton Flats in central Ottawa, Ontario Province. I can't think of a better way to demonstrate progressive bona fides.

Having paid her dues as a true progressive social justice warrior some 35 years ago, she and her present decisions are beyond doubt or question, and I think you are quite reactionary and bigoted for implying that people should do anything but accept Laura Gerow's pronouncements as other than Purely Progressive.

In case you doubt what I say above, I can prove that Laura Gerow did that work on LeBreton Flats. See here -- apologies for the long link, I'm not familiar with link-shortening tools: