Friday, November 20, 2015

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Pinkbike Poll: How Much Should a Top DH Racer Be Paid?

Seriously, just pick a number based on some other line of work that people call "professional sports" and maybe even not based on that line but some other. Use flights of fancy, shoot for the moon, etc.

Because the money will appear magically if you have enough e-mojo to make a good enough SJW argument in favor of more money-for-nothing.

If you want it, then it needs to happen.

So if you want your favorite DH racer to make 750k USD/yr, that's what needs to happen. The real question: how do we grow the sport enough to make such salaries possible?

Mike Levy wants to know.


To what end will Mike put this "data"?  Is this part of "Big Data," and thus because TED lecturers and short-attention-span headline writers insist we're all progressing with "Big Data," it's inevitable that things will progress in DH racer pay? 

How will racers get paid more? 

This is like saying, "well of course Minimum Wage should be $15/hr, that's the minimum to live on in American society."  And then putting it on the employer to come up with the margins between as-paid-now, and the new $15/hr minimum. 

That money will just magically appear for the employer to cover those margins.  Progress!  Progress will supply it!  Thanks to technology!  Because technology is processing Big Data!

It's nice to see that MTB media are as greedy as the major infotainment media like CNBC or Fox.  Isn't it?  That shows MTB is mainstream and on a growth trajectory!

--Karl Franz Ochstradt, reporting live from somewhere


Harold Caidagh said...

The middle schoolers dominating the comment section reveal their immaturity with the general consensus (agreed upon by a majority of commenters) that as soon as DH MTB racing is as popular as NASCAR or pro motocross or pro rally car or pro soccer, filling stadiums and/or hitting entry fee counts in the hundreds of thousands of spectators, it's just simple economics. Supply and demand. So clearly every living American needs to buy more MTBs and MTB parts, because that will mean more people are owning MTBs and thus more people will become spectators at World Cup DH races and big national USA series races.

Because people who grab onto a fad never lack a serious commitment, long-term, to the things and activities directly or tangentially involved in the fad. People still wear mood rings, have pet rocks, Baby On Board signs are still sold in large number and are found on vehicles everywhere, and pretty soon men are going to start getting their hair permed and keep doing it forever once started.

Fads and faddish growth prove durable substance.

Long-term stability is best achieved through numerous chained fads.

Pawn Homer said...


If we of the MTB Industry keep promoting new improvements like Boost and 145mm rear spread and press-fit BBs and Plus Sized tires and wider rims and electronically controlled suspension and e-bikes, pretty soon Aaron Gwin can make $1 million USD per year for proving that the Bald Eagle is the top global predator and so BACK OFF! other countries, We're NUMBER ONE!

Harold Caidagh said...

I love how the Progressive SJW perspective dominates in "the industry," yet they have a bizarre jingoism that pretty much goose-steps with the "reactionaries" of the Republican Party inclination.

They're such deep individuals, aren't they? It's a sign of intellectual gravitas, isn't it? --the locked-in teenaged perspective, the vanity and solipsism? Isn't it?

Homer wants $100k/yr for writing juvenilia, so it needs to happen. Minimum wage should actually be $50/hr, that would make everyone more equal-er, 'n' shit. Just keep progressing society and it will happen. First step, sell 4 bikes/person to every American. Second step, convince each such American that every new model year brings essential improvements with new technologies, and so you'll have to replace each of those 4 bikes no later than every 2 years. Third step, Homer buys a second mortgage. Fourth step, Homer wins.

Pawn Homer said...

Third mortgage. For second house. At Whistler.

Harold Caidagh said...

So much win in making enough CHA-CHING from MTB journalism to buy a house at Whistler. SO MUCH WIN. MUST HAPPEN NOW.

Don't be modest, Homer. Look at Jonathan Ellsworth, he flies all over the planet to test skis. You think he was born rich? Or has some kind of yuppie job like quantitative analyst for the financial sector, where he works 1.5 hrs a day but bills 100 hrs/week? No. He got where he is by sheer determination at making a blog about gear and sports PAY for him. He's a winner. And you feel inferior to him because "travel" for you is a drive to Sol Vista for the day. Yawn. So boring for a hipster!

Paul Behrer said...

I'm somewhat wondering about Mike Levy and how he's come to believe that The Internet Mike Levy is the same as the meatspace guy. In meatspace he's just one of many billions of humans on the planet, whose personal opinions mean absolutely zilch. In contrast, The Internet Mike Levy is an expert whose solitary expertise will progress the sport to that point where a National Sport Hero makes as much as, say, Bill Gates. Shouldn't Stevie Smith be more famous than the Canadian Prime Minister or the most durable industrial manufacturing concern in Canada? The Internet Mike Levy wants you to think that DH racers deserve to make a lot of money, because if the necessary supply/demand of Econ101 goes as predicted by Econ101, growth in DH racer salary will arrive because the MTB industry is way way way richer thanks to economic growth and that would trickle down to meatspace Mike Levy because of his position in the ether as The Internet Mike Levy.

It's almost like he's auditioning for a role as a street 3-card monte hustler in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie.

Pawn Homer said...

Yeah so compared to Mike Levy I'm a nobody, stop punching down. Did you ever win a BMX race against me in the 90s? No, I didn't think so.

H.M. Lohmann said...

I'm sitting here wishing you'd go back to making fun of the plaintiffs who tried to sue you in the GRH v UNSF/Caidagh. Your old friend Tarzie has been sock-puppeting the bejeezus out of his blog, and I'm wondering if you think he's funnier as Tarzie, or as Father Smith. Because he is funny, it's just a question of where he's funniest. He may be the best unsigned/unknown comic working today. Him, or that guy you call Ding-Dong.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Well, Hy, there is a lot to mock in the approach of those self-described Geniuses of the Internet, but I think that lawsuit's end result speaks for and to the whole game run by the GotI crew of keyboard-tapping meme-fapping fancibois. They'll keep claiming the high ground while working below the topsoil.

Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

When I read through that lawsuit's history here, I was definitely impressed by Priscilla Houle-Eaton's methodologies. Rather cutting-edge, actually.

Chet Redweld said...


So cutting-edge they flew over everyone's head, and the lawyers of Butz, Cox & Dynia refused to use her as an expert once her overlong "diagnostic interview" of Mr Caidagh was concluded.

Whether that's because her interrogative method was so innovative as to look inept while being surgically precise, or because she couldn't reduce her brilliant insights to a functionally readable expert's report, I really do not know. I know only what I witnessed in the "interview" and what happened to her as a proposed expert.

In any case, she wasn't used, and GRH both lost their bid to dictate reality for the internet's populace and failed to get Mr Caidagh positioned and punished as their scapegoat. I would think, as a strategic matter, that if Houle-Eaton's techniques, gathered information, analysis and conclusions were so cutting-edge they'd have been an easy sell and would have contributed significantly toward a GRH victory.

But I'm just a lawyer, not a psychological counselor.

creepy stalker bro said...

But I'm just a failed house lawyer, not a psychological counselor.


Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, I hear you CSB. That's why GRH didn't win, isn't it? That's why I can now laugh at the moment I got served with the summons & complaint, because I lost.

Hon. Manus Rist Flappe (Ret.) said...

People say that somehow I "lost" as a result of the GRH v UNSF/Caidagh outcome, but my game plan all along was to retire with the love of my life, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. If that's "losing" then call me The Biggest Loser.

Incidentally, I was prepared to approve of Doctor Houle-Eaton as plaintiffs' expert regarding defendant Caidagh's mental state and fitness. I tend to agree with Ms Helper, above.

Honoria Helper, L.C.S.W. said...

I bet the reason GRH didn't win is because Judge Flappe's law clerk was secretly a reactionary Repthuglican, and sabotaged the case so that the gloom-and-doom merchants of this blog would not have to face up to their sociopathic pessimism and psychopathic endorsement of limited government, which we all know means anarchy, which we all understand would bring constant rape and murder of society's most vulnerable people, as well as everyone starving to death or dying from the common cold.

Hon. Manus Rist Flappe (Ret.) said...

Actually, my law clerk at the time is now a brilliant young associate at the law firm Butz, Cox & Dynia. She specializes in women's rights on college campuses, and she's both very busy and quite successful. We wish her the best of luck, and every success.

H.M. Lohmann said...

"We," Judge Flappe? Did you share her clerkship duties with other judges? Is that common in Neuwestia's courts?

B. Eartha Butz, Esq. said...

I have been following this blog since my clerkship, but haven't ever felt the need to comment before.

I just wanted to thank the Honorable Manus Rist Flappe for the kind words. It was indeed a great honor and pleasure to serve as your clerk, Judge. I learned a great many things that I'm able to put in practice every day, helping young women stay safe on the dangerous, misogynistic rape terrain that is the modern American college and/or university campus.

If any of this blog's readers followed the GRH v UNSF/Caidagh lawsuit and were disappointed in the outcome, please contact me. I am presently working on a similar case with similar stakes, and I may be able to use your input as a fact or expert witness. The only way we'd know is if you let me conduct a thorough interview.

We've moved our offices from the prior address on Aste Way. Contact me by email at and we can discuss possible interview times and places.

Paul Behrer said...

I'm as happy as anyone regarding Hal's victory, but what does that failed dingbat attempt at social engineering --err, excuse me-- unsuccessful lawsuit and its cast of players have to do with Mike Levy, either in meatspace or as The Internet Mike Levy?

I'd rather talk about how many people are gulled by Econ101 ideas, enough to think that if you have Bottom Line Growth in your relevant econometric reporting then you don't ever look at anything else. Especially not durability, long-term stability, or incidental psychological effects arriving when surreality is presented as reality.

Harold Caidagh said...

Maybe Mike was acting as off-site shill for the benefit of Aaron Gwin's new contract negotiations?

"The internet, as represented by its leading MTB media site pinkbike dot com, has determined that World Cup DH racers are entitled to be paid $ _____ USD."

meanwhile, in another vein,

"I'm sure I boosted your negotiation power by at least 1.25 with that, how's about a job buddy?"

Paul Behrer said...

Dreams of Martin Whitely, tutored in journoschmooze by RC, an impressive social media profile: it's a lock! Hire this man as social media coordinator and Team Cheerleader!