Thursday, November 26, 2015

NEWS FLASH: Archie's leaving the country, taking Betty AND Veronica with him!

What I didn’t expect was that it would receive more comments than any other post in the history of The Archdruid Report, and the vast majority of those comments would agree heartily with the two points of that post. The first of these points is that there’s a significant number of Americans out there who, for one good reason or another, choose not to use cell phones, televisions, automobiles, microwave ovens, and an assortment of other currently fashionable technologies.

Perhaps notable, except:

1) Counting sock puppet "commenters" as actual humans? Shouldn't you say instead there's a significant number of John MICHAEL Greer sock puppets who agree with John MICHAEL Greer?

2) Those few actual comments by real people voicing honest true feelings (what do they number, 3% of total?), they are commenting at a blog whose author pretends at conviction on steampunk agrarian societies, retro-tech where tech is accepted at all. Of course they'd "agree" with John MICHAEL Greer, they visit a blog written on a fantasy premise.

3) You're not a prophet.

4) Your opinions don't matter in the great ocean of human opinion differences.

5) People lie on the internet more than they lie in meatspace, and in meatspace old Willie Shakespeare knew the drill: all the world's a stage.

6) Nonetheless, you have much to say on the matter and plenty of gold stars to award to the sock puppets who best seem to emulate the view of someone that might call himself John MICHAEL Greer on the internet.


"Shadows in the Cave" -- what, like he's Plato?

Never an original thought, always presenting prior humans' versions of "reality" as his own, and let me tell you: that's prophetic by definition!

It's nearly as impressive as writing lousy poetry with watercolor smudging on graph paper, and pretending to be the world's sole literary genius whose political insights are rewriting human understanding.

-- Harold Caidagh, and I prove with this post that the internet is reality and meatspace is a fraud, just like Archie suggests it is.

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