Thursday, November 12, 2015

hipster swears he's not a hipster, instagram proof forthcoming

You know how to spot someone who is only half as clever and one-third as insightful as he/she thinks him/herself? You see them reduce everything to a Me Smart You Dumb binary:

Socialists don't seem to comprehend that in order to keep the system going you need GROWTH and the best system to offer growth is capitalism. It's a frustrating catch-22 for those morons.

Naturally that's over at the Silent T and its author is conveniently named

Rufus The Monocled Derp Slayer

It may be that Roofie is being "ironic" by posting such a sentiment as the one quoted above, while calling self a slayer of derpitude. Maybe this is another of those soft parodies that imagines itself to be deep satire.


1) Talking about what another "doesn't seem to comprehend" is indirect enginerd/STEMmie speak for "I see this, they don't, because I'm so much smarter than they are."

2) It also creates a straw-man, thus starting a logical fallacy from which it's hard to escape.  Straw man = projected picture of what another does/doesn't comprehend.  Where speaking of blanket truths, only that other knows what he/she does or doesn't understand.  On specifics, I think Roofie would need to show me the transcript of his discussion with a "Socialist" in which Roofie ferrets the extent of what the "Socialist" does or doesn't understand.  Because otherwise we're talking about a fiction, no matter how confidently Roofie asserts it.

3) Asserting that "growth" is what you need to "keep the system going" doesn't really explain much in the way of what has to grow, nor what exactly is "the system."

4) It also assumes inherent correctness for the idea that growth is essential to systemic survival.

5) Even if growth is essential, we're also told that the "only" system to provide such growth is "capitalism" -- which I've put in quotes because Roofie's definition of capitalism may differ from yours, Fred the carpenter's, Leo the architect's, D'arcy the haircutter's, or Zeke the welder's.  Shouldn't we first decide whose "capitalism" we're relying upon, before we determine without question that it's the only one that helps a "system" survive?  Which "system" are we talking about there?  If capitalism's a "system" and such "systems" are needed to provide the "growth" that makes some other "system" survive -- what are we talking about, exactly?


There are no biological systems that have to grow in order to survive.  That's a man-fabricated so-called imperative, and it was created by those who are involved in -- guess what? -- you got it.  Commerce.  Selling shit.  Selling material goods that aren't needed, but can be prompted as a target of desire.

That's where the "growth is essential" idea originates.  In greed.

Not in biological systems, but in the supra-organismal man-made theoretical system.

So, you really can't prove that growth is essential, Roofie.

Though I would be entertained by any attempts you or anyone else might make toward that end.


Speaking of derpitude and the inevitable use of the concept in the phrase "peak derp," I would expect Followers of the Silent T would assume I'm a progressive or at best a "cuck" because I am not singing along from the Silent T Hymnbook here.  Of course, as always, that just shows the Followers to be at least trebly naive compared to how they see themselves, and at least doubly stupid in that same comparison.

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