Thursday, November 5, 2015

for a silent T, you sure do make a racket

But you can take that racket and smash your serve, hoping for an ace:

Bernie Sanders Is Right on Marijuana, But Not Enough
Time to treat pot like alcohol.

As the old observational comic says, "you just can't make this stuff up!"

So the anti-State/devolve-to-micro-State gang want to treat marijuana not like corn, tomatoes, etc that you can grow in your yard, box planter, window box, greenhouse or other setup on your own property.

That would be too simple, because no regulation. And someone who wants to shrink the state and, therefore, constantly complains about too much government involvement in everyday affairs -- he'd want to have regulation if possible, right?

So we should treat MJ like alcoholic beverages.


Because there's so much formula-experimentation with things like congeners, additives, and complex chemical reaction (like mash-making, fermentation, distillation and all with an eye on purity and avoiding someone substituting methanol for ethanol etc) when someone takes an MJ seed and puts it in soil and waters it and gives it light and then trims it when it has ripened in growth and achieved that plant-sexual quickening.

They're identical, alcoholic beverages and marijuana. MJ is nothing like tomatoes or corn or basil that you'd grow at home. Nothing at all. It demands regulation.

Also, those who dislike regulatory involvement should start getting eager about Bernie Sanders, because you have only D vs R and to a Silent T Follower, those Rs just look kooky! You'd think the GOP would be smarter, knowing how brilliant are the Silent T Followers, and knowing how the Followers are the vanguard of socio-economic thought in 21st Century America.

I would think that, anyway.

You probably see it differently, thinking that buzz=buzz and so the equivalence is valid.  Okay, what if you grew coffee beans on your property?  You're going to tell me caffeine isn't a buzzer?

How about that home-brewed beer you made?  Shouldn't ATF be in there, watching over your homebrew?  You might poison yourself or blind your neighbor!

Some people make their own wine.  That's clearly a sign that ATF needs to be in there!  Homemade wine is dangerous, and someone's got to save the home fermenter from himself.  Or herself.

So it's obvious.  Marijuana must be taxed and regulated.

Besides, that way all the New Money Venture Capitalists (smaller scale version) get to displace the existing grey and black market people who grow and sell marijuana.  They're all filthy unsophisticates who have no place in our progressing-by-the-moment 21st Century America!  In fact, that suggests to me that more invasive economic regulations are needed, to ensure that everyone who isn't a STEM program graduate has no place to earn a buck.  That's economic freedom right there.  That's liberty.

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jamescmcaryh16 said...

I've enjoyed the pleasurable benefits of marijuana for over 15 years now. It's a wonderful recreational drug when used in moderation. I've personally never understood the fight to keep drugs away from me at all cost.

As of now, marijuana money is going into the wrong hands. Marijuana is stronger and easier to get than ever before, albeit much more expensive than it should be… and all that money is going back to the cartels!

So let's get the State involved to bring the price down and get rid of those people who aren't engineers, venture capitalists, rent-seekers, or app code writers. If anyone's going to profit off marijuana sales it should be a consortium of commenters, not some people who don't comment on reason and who might not call themselves libertarian. Economic freedom is what this is about, and those cartel people ruin my economic freedom, so we need to regulate them out of business.