Tuesday, November 3, 2015

everyone else is gullible, except ___________. please fill in the blank.

Aeons ago in the Ancient Papyrus Academy, I and some of my fellow galley-slave-to-be prospectors were able to take a class referred to with brevity as "CrimPro," also known as Criminal Procedure, also known as Constitutional limits on the treatment of those chosen by the police to serve as reminders, state-wide, of who owns whom.

In those long gone days --and let's be frank about it, we're all glad they're gone now because back then, thuggish perps had more leeway to be sociopathic misogynist reactionary breeders who commit micro-aggressions every living second-- the State had to obtain a warrant to track your behavior, listen in on your phone calls, read your mail, enter your house, or open and rummage through your personal belongings.

That sounds to me like the State gave thuggish reactionary microaggressors far too much freedom, and I hope you agree with me.

It would be much safer if the State knew everything about everyone, all the time.  Right?  Only the lawless criminal need fear such oversight.  Good Citizens have nothing to fear.


A carpetbagging member of the Congress, who goes by "Jason Chaffetz" and brought with him to Utah a gigantic carpet-bag of cashish (trucked in on an 18 wheeler, no less) through and with which he intends to get rid of the MoMos and modernize/progress the state of Utah, is offering a doggie treat to those gullible enough to think Jay-Jay actually has individual rights in mind.

Never let it be said that the Davidland faithful don't know how to act.  This fellow, who is known to his closest schul-mates as Jay-Jay, went so far as to attend BYU instead of Brandeis, all the better to further his career in Remaking the State of Utah for Progress.

He reminds me a lot of someone in my town.  Someone who robs you blind and tells you that he's just made your life better, in order to distract you from the theft.


Of course Jay-Jay's move will play big at The Silent T.  That's the audience for his schtick:  the greed-stuffed progress mavens who think lip service paid to civil liberties is the same as ensuring civil liberty.


Meanwhile in other news, Chet told me this AM that the guy I know as The Ding-Dong is busy re-imagining himself as something other than the "neoliberals" he blames for the ruining of his Donkey Fetish.  It's amusing watching a self-styled genius constantly show how ignorant he is, no matter how many Hot Topic authors and poets and musicians and composers names are dropped.

--Karl Franz Ochstradt, reporting live from somewhere.

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