Sunday, November 22, 2015

answer: none of the above

Ennis Emby Q of the decade:

What bike will make me faster/bolder?

The answer is there ain't one because faster/bolder comes from within, not without, and it's a product of several things coming together at the moment you assess fast/bold qualities:

your comfort/ease/poise on the bike

which is a result of

your time spent pedaling or otherwise maneuvering/handling bicycles on all types of terrain at all kinds of speed

along with

whatever native athletic/gymnastic/reflex/coordination gifts your particular genetic makeup provides you

and let's not be naive about things: this sort of component-based composition of talent/skill applies to other sports, and to anything else you may choose to do in the time you are alive on this planet.

Another way of thinking of it in the way some people define "luck" -- 5% opportunity, 95% preparation.

Or as I'd think of it more accurately, 99.5% preparation, 0.5% opportunity. Perhaps 99.9% preparation, 0.1% opportunity.

But let's shelve all that reality, because the surreality of commercial growth implores us to believe the bike is what makes you bold/fast.

It also provides your ego with a quick, easy escape route to bypass the confrontation of your own personal limitations, most of which are not genetic and instead relate to your unwillingness to believe or accept or actually do the amount of work required to achieve at high levels.

So, it's great to be able to avoid that ugly moment of existential anxiety and/or shaky footing for self-image maintenance. There must be a flaw in the bike(s) you've chosen to own and ride. It must be the tool, it's not the user of the tool. The tool must be wrong. It must be one made for someone who doesn't want to be seen as heroic. Where's the Hero Tool?

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Redbull Ronny said...

Yeah you left out the most important factor, BALLS. It takes BALLS to man up and hit that 5 foot drop if you just started riding bikes. If you have balls then you will progress, but if you aren't ballsy you'll be better off knitting with your granma.