Thursday, October 15, 2015

shocking whistleblower revelation indicates that Internal Revenue Service is corrupt and inefficient

One of this blog's prior writers called him Jeremiad Cavedweller, but as of today he's a Big Famous Dude because he's got the hot solo scoop from yet another pivotal whistleblower, and today's tweeter revelation is that Obama --who joked in public statements about using drones to attack whomever tried to date his daughters-- was operating a "secret" drone program that NOBODY REPORTED ON BEFORE!

I hope Mr Cavedweller isn't hoping to fall back on law practice after his keyboard's battery is revealed to be whole-cloth fiction.

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Paul Behrer said...

Still the smugitarians over at (t) think Greenwald, Snowden, and this latest thing are "the real whistleblowers", which shows how well-informed the commentariat is not.

You can't be informed if you're getting your information from fake scoops giving you 6 year old stories repackaged as if the intervening years never passed.

Can you imagine talking to a baseball fan about "who won the Series," as if you're talking about 2015, but the fan is talking about 2010 as if it's 2015?