Friday, October 2, 2015

josie packard time

"Push the plug, Pete."

Or maybe the plug's been leaking all along.

No matter.  We've got the budget renewal buddhabelly blues, so it's fat-trimming time.  Couldn't have trimmed fat elsewhere as elsewhere it's actually muscle that only looks like fat, and muscle is essential to national security.

If none of this ^^^^^^^ distracts you, then there's always the idea that "shyness" and/or wearing the same clothes every day brands you as a mass murderer in a barely-contained seething just prior to his/her most impressive spree.  That one should keep you properly afraid and distracted for the near term.

Or at least until the rest of America accepts your continual refrain regarding the inevitablity of first woman POTUS who has spent a lifetime grooming herself for this position.

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