Thursday, October 29, 2015

how much smug fits in a rug?

It goes without saying that continual japery toward The Silent T includes within the attack various forsaken opportunities to squeeze the trigger when a melon is in the crosshairs.

The continual 3-legged horse in their paddock's pride is the Little Glenn/Metro Eddie boondoggle.  Whenever either of those two B-actors' names is mentioned, the earnest Silent T scrivener on the job will assure you that we all owe a debt of gratitude to (a) Little Glenn for his tireless and incredibly fearless, life-risking exposure of dirty secrets that nobody ever disclosed before on any scale resembling that of Unclaimed Territory or Salon or GuardianUK or The Intercept; and/or (b) Metro Eddie for his death-defying globe-trotting evasion of Uncle Sam's homesick hitmen while simultaneously and/or immediately previously offering virtual e-mountains of undisclosed national secrets about hush-hush programs nobody ever disclosed before on any scale resembling that of The Intercept.

The fact that none of the Little Glenn/Metro Eddie story, and none of the mythology that it spawned on such a compressed timeframe, broke any ground on what had previously been disclosed about George C. Fortitude's business operations in the post-nyne E-leavened Murken Yooniverse™ -- well that's just an inconvenient truth, Alzie.

Inconvenient to those of us who have made money selling you rusted-out 15 year old Ladas and calling them Teslas, that is.

Take Jesse Walker, for example:

Today the parliament of the European Union voted narrowly—285 to 281—to urge its member states to give sanctuary to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor whose leaks shed light on the U.S. government's covert surveillance programs. Specifically, the resolution said Europe should "drop any criminal charges against Edward Snowden, grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties, in recognition of his status as whistle-blower and international human rights defender." Snowden is currently exiled in Russia.

Jesse apparently believes that these game-changing revelations by Metro Eddie were history themselves, true insights into something dirty and devious, and yet despite that empire-crushing scoopery the homesick lads just couldn't catch him.  Not even when he was holed up in a Hong Kong luxury hotel, the location of which was published by Metro himself and also by Little as the conduit of Metro's displays of locus disclosure, via email and twitter.FN

Since, as well all know, Hong Kong is like The Vatican and no people unaffiliated with the Holy See are allowed in.  Thus those poor lads couldn't get in to give Metro the message offered by the homesick, who were, as you might expect, back home.  Sick with worry.  About Metro's scoops.

Sure, Jesse.  I believe that.  Truly.

Someone who so oversells an empty story & hollow myth would seem to be engaged in writing the sorts of puffery I've come to expect from The Supreme Arch-Druid of the North American Land Mass and possibly Pangaea, but the Silent T tends toward a veneer of skeptical rationalism where Archie's tack finds him riding big puffs of hot air informed or possibly driven by steam, punk.

Perhaps a gander at Jesse's blog will reveal the pretense as pretense? You decide.


FN - Or anywhere else he's hidden in plain view since doing the 23 skidoo away from the employ of some boozer named Alan from Hamilton NY.  Most practitioners of espionage tweet about their escape with the damaging intel/info/whatever.  The best even GoPro it.

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Chet Redweld said...

As I said, no matter who is the Silent T scrivener, worship is required. Here's Scott Shackford today:

It's impossible to write about government surveillance of citizens in Western countries without mentioning Edward Snowden. He's the reason we know as much as we do about government bulk collection of data about citizens in the United States, United Kingdom and other places.

As a direct result of Snowden's leaked information in the United States, we're replacing the domestic mass surveillance data collection with a system devised under the USA FREEDOM Act that restricts it (though, sadly, doesn't eliminate it entirely).

I envy their straight-faced lying. It puts them in great company, like that of Nigel West Dickens on matters where "science" and "technology" and "business" and "profit" and integrity intersect.

Lying, with a didactic slant. That's great stuff, Scotty.