Monday, September 14, 2015

you lack an outlet

Because you choose adversaries from within the greater American human society, and choose them based on what they --cough cough-- think, you are creating drama just for the sake of feeling like you come out on top when compared to your fellow human American.

It's your competitive outlet.  You use it because you have no other.

If you were healthy, mentally speaking I mean, you would have a solid outlet.  Like this:

The race starts and the mayhem ensues. Out of the campground and spilling onto the road, I look down at my computer. Being that I've never done this race with information on a screen in front of me, I'm amazed that I'm spinning a 32X19 at over 23 miles and hour... and getting dropped like an anchor. I drift further and further back until we hit the first singletrack. Time to chill.

We get into some tight conga line action, and I'm around some of the strongest female riders. We're moving along and then we stop. Too far back to see why we're now just standing in the woods, we postulate on the possibilities. We get moving again only to end up standing still again. We figure it out.

A larger man (in comparison to my four apples) is stopping every time he gets behind walking riders, holding onto a tree, and waiting until he has clear trail in front of him... while riders numbering ten to twenty deep are all forced to stand and wait behind him. We're dumbfounded. We have time to talk, and the amount of shock that was shared was deep and wide.

"Who the fuck does this?"

Slowly, the group I'm in starts making it around this guy. When it's my turn, he stops dead in front of me on a climb and grabs a tree. I get off, run off the trail to the right, and smash my knee into something I don't even acknowledge due to the anger fog I'm in at the moment. The large man yells at me as I come around.

"You better get out of my way when I need by."

Holy shit. This is a real person and he is saying these words and I will have to share this planet with him for awhile longer. I ruminate on the experience for some time, and this distraction allows me to forget how miserable I am until I get to the first aid station.

This particular Racing Eedjit(TM) who is stopping traffic and then with great gall and temerity admonishing those he has stopped and inconvenienced (despite having various tactics and strategies to not inconvenience others while still competing), he is a real adversary.

He's an adversary not because he voted for the wrong person, or listens to the wrong radio station, or agrees with the wrong sociopolitical infotainer, or reads the wrong pundit.

He's an adversary in a real competition.

The person who holds a different perspective, ideology, political stance?

He's not competing with you.  Though I'm sure you have a kit bag full of rationalizations which tell you the competition is real.  In fact, you probably look at those others through the lenses of this culture/era of human society.

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