Tuesday, September 8, 2015

we make our liniments and tonics from 100% pure rattlesnake venom, laudanum, and clove oil

Kooky "science editor" at (t)reason.com, Nigel West Dickens, has launched another "science" take on reactionaries, further proving that (t)reason.com's editors can't recognize internal inconsistencies, even when their own essays are pregnant with them.

Maybe it's only 2-3 months before Dickens teams up with Corey Robin to blame all modern problems on "reactionaries".  Robin can blame men and misogyny, Dickens can talk about how those problems are exemplified in "honor culture."

The way out?  Consult Elon Musk, a hero to both Dickens and Robin.

Futurist fascist party?  I think it could cause real schisms in the Donkeys and Elephants!

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