Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hipsterama, bro!  I pretend to know Con Law like any uneducated hipster!

Raymond Doot, the (t) author who has more SMUG than most progressives, tells us here that Roberts protecting the ACA (despite the numerous legal flaws which would have enabled vitiating the Act without "activism" taint) is an act of "judicial restraint" that deserves hallowed recognition among those who lean toward conservatism rather than lib/pwog activism.

What that meant for Obamacare, I predicted, was that "Roberts may very well uphold the health care law as an act of judicial restraint. Just don't expect the conservative rank and file to thank him for it."

Ooooh! Like John MICHAEL Greer, Raymond Doot used a scrying ball to "predict" that Roberts would do what obviously Roberts was going to do: preserve the machinations, tail-chasing irrationalities, and blank profit check writing gifts to the "health care industry".

"Judicial restraint" is about sanctity of existing laws that do not need amendment or vacation.  It's not about protecting laws that are ill-founded and poorly implemented.

Trust Raymond, though.  He's an expert.  Plus, he's a hipster.


Rt. Hon. Woodchipper Profitus Maximus said...

So you're a rank-and-file Conservative?

Shoulda known.

Just a Cuck.

Go woodchip yourself.

par4 said...

oxy has always been
pure reaction
like a wisdom
tooth impaction
or an il
logical fraction

doesn't know econ
does no stats recon
never be a Mekon

I'm smartest of all
on this big round ball
it's not about mirth
when you're on my Earth

Chet Redweld said...

Either of you Embodiments and Manifestations of Pure Genius care to tell me what the hell you're on about? One of you builds the scarecrow, the other lights it on fire, and now you've got your Wicker Man Festival, but does either of you care to discuss the ACA or Mr Doot's pretense at prognostication?

OW! in PAIN! said...

You wouldn't understand, you're not smart enough, lack the requisite educational refinement, haven't fully read and comprehended the works of Marx & Engels, don't give enough respect to your superiors, etc.

One wonders whether it profits the genius to sink to the level of the cretinous.

Chet Redweld said...

Yet another straw man?

Please be sure to go chase down "oxy," Mr par4 in PAIN. When you find "oxy" be sure to remind "oxy" that you don't have time to discuss things with people you've predetermined as your intellectual inferior. Please do not forget to provide your many proofs regarding the disparity of intelligence, education, reasoning skills and general depth of analysis and resolution that sits between yourself and this "oxy" person. I'm sure it will be quite fruitful.

Freur said...

What's in a name?
Face on a stage
Where are you now?
Memory fades, you take a bow

Here in the dark
Watching the screen
Look at them fall
The final scene

And we go doot
Doot doot

Look at them fall
Flicker and fade
Gone are the screams
I put them to bed, now they are dreams

And we go doot
Doot doot

Mickey Rat said...

I'm both ACA cases Robets was not deferring to the legislature, he was deferring to the executive. In both cases he rewrote what the legislature clearly intended in order to rationalize the policy the executive wanted to implement. If this is "restraint", it looks peculiarly activist.

Chet Redweld said...

At least Michael Norvegicus understands what Raymond Doot doesn't.

Paul Behrer said...

Raymond Doot writes clickbait using half-baked conclusions premised on a lack of actual education, the kind of lack that the Superheroes Named par4 inPAIN allege but cannot prove.

Raymond Doot will say he's being "satirical," as he backpedals away from his "essay" delivering proof of an obvious jurisprudential ignorance, policy incomprehension, and political naivete.

Harold Caidagh said...

So Doot embodies the very things that par4 inPAIN pretends are the burden of Chet Redweld?


H.M. Lohmann said...

But Raymond Doot has a BA in History from a prestigious college. This means he knows jurisprudence better than people with a legal education and experience in constitutional interpretation and litigation.

The CV is prestigious, thus its bearer is a genius.

Sounds good to me, but maybe that's because I'm insecure and status-striving?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

That Raymond Doot profile photo is like the (t) equivalent of Pajama Boy. Smug, and dressed in activity-appropriate attire.

"My Eurostyle eyeglasses and non-conformist artisanal goatee convey immense gravitas."

What a shitheel.

Dead to rights, Chet. Exactly like your final "he's a hipster" linked screed suggests.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

While the entire staff of (t) writers is laughably deluded about their own chops in the fields where they opine for pay and public attention, I am having a hard time deciding: who is the most idiotic of all? Elizabeth Nolan Brown? Robby Soave?

I'll just hang fire until some (t) commentariat participant comes in to tell me how I just "do not get" the "satire" worked by these Rhetorical Masters.

Clicks are cash, and clicks pay their salaries, so it's the clicks that matter, and not intellectual integrity, law chops, governmental theory wisdom & insight, or that most elusive concept, actual experience in the field being examined.

For example, I could earnestly suggest to some proto-hipster seeking new ways of click farming on "politics" that emulating someone such as Nick Gillespie or Ron Bailey could be instructive. But that would assume I value such click farming highly, when in truth I see it as the enantiomer and eviscerator of useful informative journalism.

Eskimo Joe @ said...

"useful informative journalism"

hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah

You idiot. You immense idiot. Our forum is about exchanging jokes, the essays are just fodder for jokes. It's how we pass the time in our 9-5, where we steal from our employers by commenting at

The fact that our stance as "libertarians" includes apology for all forms of profit is not contradicted by our time/effort/money theft from our respective employers. We're just maximizing our return like any good rent-seeker.

Rt. Hon. Woodchipper Profitus Maximus said...


I got a bigger laugh out of Oxtrot talking about "intellectual integrity."

That's for losers who don't know how to play the game.

Eskimo Joe @ said...

You know who else didn't know how to play the game?

Rt. Hon. Woodchipper Profitus Maximus said...


Eskimo Joe @ said...


Rt. Hon. Woodchipper Profitus Maximus said...


Paul Behrer said...

I can't believe nobody picked up on Hy's jab at Chet for not having a prestigious degree from a noteworthy institution of tremendous gravitas. Chet didn't even attend one of those 2 week seminars that Harvard offers for you so you can put that Crimson on your CV. This is why Chet's not an expert. Even Chet knows this.

Chet Redweld said...

Not how I would have put it, Pablo, but I can't exactly disagree with you.