Monday, September 21, 2015

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On twitter, I'm ANGRY AS FUCK!

Yes, I've noticed that.  However, in real corporal physical space, you are spineless.  What was the last thing you did in meatspace that resembled some kind of individual act of defiance or revolutionary spirit, in keeping with the persona you inhabit here in 0s/1s ether?

3 weeks ago, I stopped someone on the subway and insisted he should read Tarzie.

So, you insisted someone read you?  That's nice.  Why is it, Jeffrey, that you don't you have enough self-confidence to tell someone to read YOU, instead of insisting someone read one of your extremely lame alter egos who dwell only on the internet?

I've also spent lots of time commanding people to give money to Arthur Silber.

Deflection from our Prime Poetaster?  Say it ain't so!  And yet again you reward yourself by referring someone, and his/her donation largesse, to one of your alter egos.  You're such a clever charlatan, Jeffrey.

Do you know how much it cost me to send Planet to The WASP Academy?

You had to pay?  I thought your brainpower was so prodigious, your reputation so stellar, your work product so impressively globally notorious, that The WASP Academy would have paid YOU to send Planet there.  Because, y'know, it would benefit The WASP Academy to be able to claim, "we've got Jeff Popovich's daughter here in our student body" -- that's far more impressive than having, for example, Chelsea Clinton as an alum or Malia Ann Obama as a guaranteed future student. 

Right?  ...errr, ahhh... Correct?

I continue to be dumbstruck at how HUGE a reactionary you are.

Also, I laugh howlingly at your inaccurate attempts to accuse me of ghost-writing the work of others.

I'm sorry, Jeff.  Do you mean to tell us that Tarzie and Silber are not your outlets?  The prodigious internet output of Jeff Popovich is limited to BLCKDGRD and any and all variants of the BDR theme, however expressed, on blogger?  You mean you have no connection whatever to the person who writes Tarzie and the person who writes Silber?  Really?

Yes, I simply recognize each as a genius who needs your money and/or attention.

I see.  So what is it in each of their --for the sake of discussion, I'll go along with your pretense that they are separate people-- collected writings that makes each of them a "genius," as you put it?

Well, for starters, each of them agrees with Corey Robin.

A non-starter now is a starter?

Gosh, that patented Popovich Comedy Routine is a rib-cracking powerhouse, ain't it?

I can't help it if you are jealous of Corey's genius and accomplishments.

I wasn't looking for your ...uh... "help" here, Jeff.  Just a little honesty.  Consider that you're "helping" clarify the record, for all posterity.  My interests are irrelevant.  So you're not helping me by speaking honestly here Jeff.  You're actually helping The Children, which --obviously-- would include Planet.  So, for Planet's sake, please tell us:  why should anyone pay any attention to Corey Robin, Arthur Silber, or Tarzie.  Or to you, for that matter.

I'm the Knez of Egoslavia.  That's why I deserve EVERYONE's attention.
As to Tarzie, Silber, Robin -- they are the leading lights of the Left circa 2015. 
You'd know this if you weren't such a disgusting reactionary fucktard Repthuglican.

Let me ask you something here, Jeff.  Are you aware that The Washington Home is being closed down, and its residents evicted, for the sole reason that Sidwell Friends School wants to bring its grade school facility to the same campus as its upper school facility?

No.  Why should I care about that?

Oh, I don't know -- maybe because you're such a Radical Leftist Agitator and Revolutionary, and this is a clear example of a situation where profit is being put well before humanity, and it's happening in your own back yard.  Maybe for those reasons.  But then, maybe you're just a hammy C movie actor and your vituperative anti-corporate, greed-blaming Leftist Revolutionary identity is a ruse.

I'll tweet all kinds of bile about it, provided I research it and learn you are telling the truth.

Remember, Jeff -- this isn't to help me.  This is a chance for you to prove in good faith that your Radical Leftist Revolutionary persona is solid, rather than ethereal and/or sieve-like.  Let's see you do something forceful, and do it meaningfully in meatspace, regarding this issue.  Can you do that, Jeff?

I'll have to consult Corey Robin first.  But if he okays it, I'm all-in.

I'll believe that when I see it.  Meanwhile, here's a little doggy treat for you.

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