Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm a dinner jar. I'm gonna wipe that smirk off the map that is your face.

You know how The Trash-Bin loves to say he and Eretz Yisrael need big nukey-nukes to stop Ahmadinejhad's alleged fantasy of "wiping us off the map"? or in tandem, says Ooh Ess Eh needs to STOP Iran from having even the slightest bit of nuke-yoo-lur-pow-urr (even though David and Sam have it in spades)?

Yeah. He's a psychopath. And probably the only Davidian who thinks that way, right?

--Paul Behrer, giving you what Hal Caidagh sent him in an email an hour or so ago.


David Apfelbaum said...

Keep inciting anti-Semitic violence, you disgusting Muslim-lover. I've noted your URL and your "Chet Redweld" user name, and soon will know exactly who you are and where you live. It won't be long before we send some friends to pay you a visit. I hope you're insured against injury and have resources to pay for a funeral, etc.

Of course, that's not a threat. I just hope you're not dirt-poor. Many of you sociopathically disturbed bigots are jealous of the success of others, especially others who don't follow your Politically Correct ideas.

Frank Lee, Professional Amateur Gamer said...

That Barbara Spectre lady reminds me of Marjorie, co-leader of the White Glove Society.