Tuesday, September 8, 2015

bicontinentally righteous

Through some strange twist of internet searching fate, I stumbled upon a debate at the starched-collar Lords of the Galaxy school/farm known as Oxford University.  In this particular teamster's presentation, I noted the incredible parallels to Squabba the Hutt.  These synchronous paths of intellectually duplicitous entertainment offered as politics, or politics offered as entertainment --maybe you can choose which one fits?-- assure me that I am indeed living in interesting times.

I thank Ms Dunham-Brooks, or Brooks-Dunham, or Twickenham-on-Aspith-below-Dunham-y-Brooks, or whatever her stage name is, for providing such an unwitting ironical parody of herself, for fame and fortune.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chet -- have you been reading the Simulated Beavers again?

Paul Behrer said...

I dunno about that Dunham connection, Chet. I'm thinking she is the daughter of David "BoBo" Brooks, and spent much of her puberty (& boarding school) years practicing that accent so she'd be treated as one of the deserving gentry, rather than the carpetbagging opportunist daughter of an opportunist father. But what do I know, they retired my jersey here long ago, and you seem much more serious about things than I ever was.

I can imagine the boarding school decision by BoBo, since he hated those KICK ME! sign days of his own schooling.