Friday, August 7, 2015

the MICHAEL sees all, knows all, tells all

John MICHAEL Greer, Supreme Arch-Druid of the North American Land Mass and possibly of Pangaea, submits the following wisdom among his other coprolitic gifts for posterity:

Dave, the fascinating thing to me is that nobody in the banking industry has stopped to think about what happens when their parasitic behavior kills its host.

Do you ever wonder why this post was green-lit back in May? Here is a good example.

The MICHAEL wants you to think "nobody" in the "banking industry" ever would "stop to think about" how their "parasitic behavior" will inevitably (per the wise scryings of the MICHAEL, that is) kill "its host."

The MICHAEL doesn't know anything about the "banking industry" if he thinks nobody ever looks down the road.  Financial businesses are in the habit of looking down the road and putting into action a present course which will, once traveled down that same road, yield profits.  That's what they do.  It's what they've always done.  That's what banking, insurance, lending, levering, multiplying, liquifying and otherwise monetarily or numerically manipulating present $$ is all about.

Of course, when your idea of "progress" is steam-punk-blessed retro-agrarianism (what the MICHAEL pines for, if his published prolixity is any indication), you probably don't have time for figuring out how or why something you'd off-handedly lump whole as the "banking industry" would ever look at "what happens" when a present path is taken to a future point.

I guess the MICHAEL thinks the assessment of interest on loaned money is all about living in the past?  Or in the present?

And the reason loans are repaid over time with accumulated interest, that's a happy accident of a failure to plan for the future?

Naturally, the MICHAEL thinks only the "banking industry" is "parasitic," and anyone who wants the rest of humanity to go steam-punk-approved-retro-agrarian is not a "parasite" who depends on others seeing things his way, eh?

How is the "banking industry" going to "kill its host" through following some present path, that's what I'd like the MICHAEL to explain.  Of course, he won't explain that.  He can't.  And mostly because he doesn't know how, because he doesn't understand anything other than looking backward to the 1700s for most everything aside from his internetting, which requires 20th if not 21st Century enabling.

Can you imagine what kind of "following" the MICHAEL would have if he'd been left with a Gutenberg machine and forced to arrange and publish his own pamphlets to hand out to random passers-by?

"Good kind sir, would you take a reasoned gander at my weekly missive, into which I've put moments if not actual minutes of forethought?"

"Get that trash out of my face, you smelly bum.  I already have toilet paper enough adjacent to my commode."

Perhaps that's not how it would have gone.  Maybe it would go like this:

"Dear sweet madam, kindly peruse my arduously researched and painstakingly published prognostications regarding the future of our noble society.  I offer this to you freely, without expectation."

"Well aren't you full of yourself?  Why don't you do something productive, like grow sugar beets or corn for the community?"

"All excellent ideas, madam, if it were not for my lack of a green thumb and my inability to live in the present rather than dwelling on the past."

"Sir, I would much rather enter Madam Zorah's Palm Reading Emporium and give her my hard-earned coins for a useless foretelling of the future.  Please find someone else to harangue with your feeblemindedness.  Now if you wouldn't mind, I've got to go butcher a chicken for supper."


Despite a remarkable naivete and paper-thin depth of understanding of the world's and America's social workings, our good soothsayer the MICHAEL offers this point of sagacity elsewhere in the same discussion:

Max, I expect a domestic insurgency in the US, a la Iraq or Syria, which will cripple the US economy and make it impossible for the national goverment to exert power anywhere outside its borders. We're very close to that right now, especially in the deep South and mountain West.

Naturally from the vantage point of Cumberland MD, our benevolent dictator-in-waiting known as the MICHAEL is fully and well versed in the social happenings of "the deep South" and of the "mountain West." Naturally.

All reality as it unfolds on Earth is visible with tremendous acuity in Cumberland MD -- if you see all, know all, tell all as does the MICHAEL.

Once upon a time, the MICHAEL tried to lecture one of this blog's past authors on how life is where that author lives (NB: in the mountain West), despite the MICHAEL's not living there. Of course, this doesn't surprise me now, as his schtick is omniscience informing a largesse of coping strategies offered to the desperate. In the present, the MICHAEL tells us that he fears the "deep South" and the "mountain West" -- and as the MICHAEL has tried to explain to prior authors at this blog, it's because of "reactionaries" who cling to a religion other than Druidism.

All religions aside from Druidism are disturbing indicators of psychopathy, you see.  And Druidism?  It's the foremost sign of advanced intelligence.  That's why the MICHAEL writes poorly-drawn and hollowly-crafted science fiction, because Druidism suggests the best way to get people back to the earth (steampunk-infused-retro-agrarianism) is to expose them to lousy sci-fi read only by social cripples.


Someone once tried to persuade me that John MICHAEL Greer is a fabricated internet construct, created only to be a satire of socio-econo-political wrangling, and designed to grant a microscopic income stream resulting from passive-aggressive marketing of his tepid, dull-witted sci fi writings.

I suppose that's possible.  I think it far more likely that he's a wealthy man who doesn't have to work because he made a lot of money doing something like writing basic code for a software program that enjoyed a few years of commercial success in the early days of personal computing.  Only a social outcast and interpersonal quadriplegic could believe the things that the MICHAEL offers as "wisdom" at the arch-druid report.  And only someone with even less skill and even fewer connections to his fellow human could find that report to be satirically innovative, or comically endowed with any laughter provocation or chuckle instigation.

What do you think his annual income is, brought in through his report and attributable to his cretinous sci fi writings?  Six thousand?  Three thousand?

And we're supposed to believe that he lives successfully steampunk-retro on that pittance, without a period of gargantuan profit in his youth, and/or without a financial backer to support his distractive diatribes?

Perhaps there is some comedy on offer, but I doubt very highly that it's satirical or even parodic in character.

Mrs John MICHAEL Greer prepares the scrying ball for His Lordship's prognostication

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