Friday, July 31, 2015

blind squirrel finds acorns, footy on my tweet in 15

The internetz somehow found their moment in the sun today, delivering two pieces of supra-normal goodness.

Though their writing generally stinks to high pig heaven, these guys definitely know their way around still and video cameras:

Vital RAW - Mont Sainte Anne DH Rock Smashing - More Mountain Bike Videos

Normally it's 1-2 mins of unFancy, this time it's a good 4 mins, my favorite being roughly 2:10 - 2:50.

Second acorn was a startling piece of get-out-of-the-way-and-let-the-story-tell-itself journalism -- from, of all places, pinkbike:

1 Question: What Does It Take To Become A Faster Rider?

Best thing Kazimer/Levy/Cunningham did with that piece is not inject The Pinkbike Pro Perspective.  Normally they are busy letting us know how pro they are at pinkbike.  But to whom did they turn when they wanted good explanations of bike riding skill, in a way that can't sell more gear?  It couldn't be Kazimer, Levy, Cunningham, Wragg.  Maybe Paul Aston could have done it though.  But anyway, the proper perspective there with the interviewees is to ask a simple question and get the hell out of the discussion from that point forward, because you're not at their level.  They're teaching you, not vice versa.  Keep doing that, Kazimer, and you may go places with your writing-in-journalist-mode.

Today, an oak tree gets planted. Two, even.

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