Tuesday, June 30, 2015


(standard internet celebrity)

(as it were)

This could easily explain former UNSF blog nemesis Jack Crow, or current sociopolitical snake oil salesman Glenn Greenwald, or Greenwald's alter ego, the faaaaaa-bew-lisssss liar Tarzie.

Click farmers who lie about their "expertise".

Standard Joseph Weil stuff, I guess.

Only literally ironic given their SJW perspectives, eh?

Not hipster ironic, therefore not seen as ironic.


Chal_pa the Chih_ah_a said...

HOLYF_CK! Yo_ act_ally make f_n of Tarzie? You m_st be jealo_s. Mostly beca_se Tarzie is so m_ch smarter than yo_ and probably beca_se yo_ are a sick breeder homophobe bigot misogynist reactionary who is in the closet, can't get laid, and is corporate.

I bet your head exploded when I made Scalia's head explode with my witty exposee regarding Scalia's idiocy in King v Burwell and Obergefell v Hodges. J_st like Scalia, yo_ are a dist_rbed rep_gnican who likes to p_nch down instead of p_nching _p. Yo_ are s_pposed to p_unch _p, and be a lo_sy writer who admires his mirror reflection more l_stf_lly than the original Narciss_s did. That's what works for me!


Krogh Barr said...

You are not welcome at Vos-Rok and I'll never agree to let you follow me on twitter @Corviduh. You're just jealous of my 17 degrees and numerous responsible positions where I made millions and managed the finances of those who made billions. You just don't know how to put a woman on a pedestal like I do. You don't know how to be a doormat. True male feminists are doormats around women, and bellicose pipsqueaks around hetero men.

You are the epitome of misogyny, the pinnacle of bigotry, the apogee of homophobia, the peak of prejudice, the apex of reactionary thought, and a black hole where humanism should be. You are not welcome at my blog.

Gay Backpacker dressed like a Pixie on a Fixie said...

As a gay Jewish genius who grew up wealthier than 99% of Americans, I know first-hand what it is like to be oppressed for my ass/cock preferences. Even among my millionaire Jewish trustafarian childhood peers, wanting to suck cocks was something people joked about and mocked. Wanting to take pipe in my ass was cause for derision. Naturally we ass pirates should be allowed to marry, because Judaism is far superior to Catholicism or any other Christer faith, and because a gay Jew is a happy Jew and a happy Jew can shit on you! So I'm full-colon and squatting on your bigoted, homophobic blog with this comment that proves my swishy gay Jewish self is far superior to you, mostly because you're (a) not Jewish, (b) a breeder, (c) smarter and a better writer/thinker than I am, (d) probably a Catholic, and (e) definitely jealous of me. I fucked more boys in one year than you've had sex with those repulsive females over your entire post-pubescent life, and if I added up all my years of boy-fucking and boy-sucking you'd be ashamed at your relative involuntary celibacy. Just come out of the closet already and I'll show you what real fun is, and just how gay Jews are superior in sex like they're superior in warfare, bunco scams, white collar crime, and running Hollywood.

Paul Behrer said...

Yakov, exactly whom are you suggesting needs to come "out of the closet"?

Your passive-aggressive behavior certainly must be impressive to fellow gay Jewish trustafarians. Is that because P-A is attractive to gays, to Jews, or to trustafarians? Or 2 out of the 3? Or all 3?

Certainly as a Jew, you are superior to all other people. You are one of the Chosen. Naturally you should be humanity's leader, and obviously everyone should worship you as the true heir to The Great King and his boytoy King ______ Miranda.

Hell, if it weren't for gay Jews, we wouldn't have Tarzie, Greenwald or Bacharach to tell us how dumb we ugly breeder non-Jews are.

Chal_pa the Chih_ah_a said...

Which is worse, responding to a Bill Kristol troll or st_pidly responding to someone who st_pidly responded to a Bill Kristol troll?

Harold Caidagh said...

Which is worse, responding to a Bill Kristol troll or stupidly responding to someone who stupidly responded to a Bill Kristol troll?

Well, pretty close to being worse, if not the absolute worst, is

(1) being 55 years old and still seeing the world through a 15-year-old's eyes

(a) by continuing to imagine self the Peer Group Arbiter of Taste

(b) by childishly thinking self great for an "Obamapostasy" but hanging tight-gripped onto the notion that the GOP is far worse than the Democrats

(c) by using "humor" which was only barely funny at 15, the opposite of funny at 35, and a total vacuum of comic impulse at 55

(2) affiliating with Greatness as a way to feel great in one's own skin

(3) considering self a writer/poet despite a dearth of creativity, an abundance of imitative & uninventive mimicry, and a crippled sense of how to spell-punctuate-create flow

(4) thinking self the One True Genius despite regular discovery of places, subjects, ideas, notions where self is dead-wrong about something

(5) being a PFLAG because of the Street Cred it gives you, rather than because you are gay/lesbian yourself

(6) pretending that Obergefell v Hodges is landmark in nature and crucial for social progress, even though it helps only 5-6% (at most, being utterly generous) of the American populace

(7) casting spittle everywhere when you rage with a beet-red face about yet another "cracker-christer" who has ruined your life by offering an opinion which differs somehow from your own